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Monday, August 17, 2020



Some like big ones, some like medium size, some like tiny ones….but I’ve noticed that a majority of gays like big cocks. Why is that? Is it because the penis is the symbol of masculinity and that the bigger the penis, the more you’re a man? What is behind this love of big cocks?

Is it the physical sensation?

Is it psychological?

Do you like the idea of being stuffed by something “abnormally” big?

So let me know if you like monster cocks, do you find it Hot or Not?


  1. I love cock. Period. I can work with anything nature gave you. But... a big one. Yes, please. I love the feeling of being stretched open, of my hole being totally owned by a dude's dick. There has only been one man where I had to beg off because of his size and stamina (two hours is my max, honey). And there has only been one penis I could not take... it was like - and I am not kidding - 16 inches? I got halfway down that sucker and shot my load - kablam. And there is only one total dick I cannot take anymore - and he's sitting in the oval office. Yeah. We gots to do something about that one...

    1. Weird. I wrote a lot. But it didn't appear. Blogger! I was just saying: I appreciate all dicks... very rare I meet one I won't play with. Size isn't that important. But... that said... give me a big one and I am a very happy camper. I love having my hole stretched and owned. I love that full feeling. There has only been one guy where I begged off because of stamina (two hours of pounding is my limit), and one guy I couldn't take (it was seriously 16 inches long and hard). I slid about halfway down that cock and shot my load immediately. Dude was like, okay... game over. LOL.

    2. Why are the comments coming in white ink? Weird.