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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


It's still early in the season, so the sky's the limit for the top 13. There's a growing divide between the edgy, looks queens and the more theatrical competitors, but tonight's airline-themed episode tested dance moves, lip syncing skills and fashion sense. It was the kind of challenge that favors well-rounded performers. 
Before we take off on the next episode, ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to our rankings of the remaining queens, remembering the nearest exit may be AFTER THE JUMP ...

It was a strange night to say the least. First, there was possibly the worst mini-challenge of all time. The queens had to serve face will being blasted with leaf blowers, courtesy of the pit crew. That’s it. They all essentially looked the same, so it's not exactly clear what the judging criteria was. (Plus, special guest judge, Moby?) Then the main challenge was a pretty intense routine with a stewardess edge. Not quite acting, not quite lip sync, it was as close to performance art as this show has ever come. This week’s runway looks (serving jet-set eleganza) were a little rushed, with no punny commentary from the judges. It made me realize how much I appreciate their sassy analysis (analysass?).
So who deserves to be bumped up to first class? Here are our rankings:
1. My love for Ginger Minj only continues to grow. While her runway look was a little off for the challenge, her make-up and hair has been on point. She’s a pro. In the performance, she served all kinds of theatrical faces. But what’s endearing me most to Ginger so far is her ability to be the perfect voice for the audience. She gave much needed reality checks to both Violet (“Of course she was going to judge you, it’s her job!”) and Miss Fame (“You don’t have to evoke emotion and 1-2 step all the time”), and her line about her basement flooding when she met Jamal Sims was priceless.

2. Is it just me, or does Trixie Mattel have a little crush on Miss Fame? There was a little canoodling (which Ginger called out, “You two cuddle up a little too much for my comfort, I need an adult”), but even when Miss Fame had her teary breakdown (more on that in a bit), Trixie was there rubbing her chest. She toned down her clown make-up for the performance and I loved how she served some Jetson-Set eleganza on the runway.

3. The middle of the pack this week mostly blended together, with only a few standouts. Among them, Mrs. Kasha Davis. This classically campy queen shined during her scat breakdown and, sure, her runway look wasn’t knockout. But it also wasn’t the pedestrian disaster Visage made it out to be.

4. I’d like to see more of Max, but I’d also like to see more from Max. The gray, old Hollywood thing is interesting, but it feels a little one-note.
5. I’m expecting big things from pretty, prettyPearl, but, so far, she hasn’t had the chance to shine. She looked great on the runway, but otherwise she’s been a little in the background.
6. Considering the size of her part, Jasmine Masters did what she could with the performance. She’s got an energy that comes through whenever she’s on screen, but her runway look was a bit of a letdown. Will she be able to elevate her look to the level of that personality?
7. Despite her warnings of a previous injury,Jaidynn Diore Fierce did just fine in tonight’s performance. Her blow-up pilot seduction was even one of the biggest (if not cheapest) laughs.
8. The crowded field tonight meant little screen time for Kennedy Davenport. I know she can dance up a storm, but I’m a little worried that some of the dramatic challenges (i.e. Snatch Game) are going to be a big stumbling block.
9. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I guess I was just too optimistic when I placed Miss Fame at the top of my rankings last week. She struggled to move her body like, well, like a human being at all during the performance. Visage was being kind when she said she was stiff. She’s practically made of stone. It felt a little early to devote so much time in this episode to her backstory, especially when we still have so many queens to get to know.
10. Katya certainly deserved to lip sync this week, but I don’t think it bodes poorly for her moving forward. She completely flubbed that opening monologue, but I still think she’s a strong contender for the crown.
11. #SorryNotSorry that I just cannot stomach Violet Chachki. First, she kicks off the episode mad that Michelle Visage dared to critique her look during the judges’ critique. (Twitter reacted hilariously to Violet's Visage hate.) Ms. Chachki is also constantly backtalking all the other queens. If the team captains don't want last week’s challenge winner on their team, she’s got to have a real rancid personality.

12. Still not impressed, Kandy Ho. I can’t even remember what part she played in the performance, and her runway look was a snooze.
13. Farewell, Sasha Belle. Even though it was only week two, it was still somehow long past your time to go. And, gurl, take that knock-off Lady Bunny wig with you. Buh-bye.

How would you rank the queens last night?


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