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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Gay NFL star Michael Sam has said that he has received criticism – because his fiancé is white.

Sam – who has had brief spells with the St Louis Rams and the Dallas Cowboys – made history as the first openly gay NFL player, though he is yet to play an on-season game.

Speaking to students at the private Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, Sam revealed that he has received criticism for getting engaged to Cammisano.

According to the QU Chronicle, he said: “My fiance gave me the strength [to come out]… The challenge I get now is, why are you not dating a gay black guy? Why are you dating a white guy?

“Why would I do that? Why would I leave someone I fell in love with and have been through so many challenges with.”

The NFL star also re-asserted his claim that there are many players in the closet, adding: “I’m just gonna say I’m not the only one in the NFL that is gay, I’m just the only one that is out.

“They want to protect their livelihood… but there will be a time [when they come out]. There’s going to be a day.”

Of his time in the NFL, he said: “I thought I did enough in the preseason (last season), but apparently it wasn’t enough.

“I just have to work harder. I’m certain, whatever league I’m playing in, that I’m going to be playing football somewhere next year.”

“I’ve fought adversity all my life. It helped me become me.”



  1. Some white people aren't racist, but I hate whites. White people have everything they want. So, Sam should give a chance to a black man. I know my comment seems fundamentalist , but we , black or Latino , we can't let the whites ahead.

  2. Love does not recognise colour, age or any of those things! My lover for 23 years was ten years older than me! But we were deeply in love for all those years. True love knows no boundaries! hugs, Patrick

    1. Yes!!! I agree with you , but I'm tired of seeing white people treated as upper and black and Latino people being treated as inferior race.
      In fashion show, Outdoors, TV commercials, only white people reign . Anyway . I'm just tired of all this crap .

    2. I understand how you feel about all this, but black guys are certainly coming into their own as models! Fantastic models too. I'm white but I adore black/coloured men! Hugs, Patrick

    3. Hey . You are on line !! cool !! No, Patrick , you should not know how I feel , but you must be a nice guy and I respect your opinion. Hugs too. Sorry for bad grammar.

  3. To each his own, but it just seems strange how sooooo many Black men will step outside the race, as if another Black person is beneath them, but will end up with some White person no other White person wanted. How did Sam come to meet his fiance, as opposed to another Black person? Did he not even consider someone Black?

    1. I think we should stop casting our personal feeling onto others ESPECIALLY if we don't know how they came to be where they are



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