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Monday, March 23, 2015


Are you searching for Mr. Right? Maybe you have explored all of your sexual fantasies and have reached that point in life where hookups just aren't enough to satisfy you. Maybe you are taking this open opportunity to date recreationally, keeping your choices open until the right man enters your life.

Maybe you've become frustrated after having gone out on numerous dates that have left you with more questions than answers. Whatever your circumstance, its imperative to know that your partner will only be half of the relationship.

The most essential thing you must accomplish as you are navigating that dating scene is to examine yourself and get to be Mr. Right. You need to be focusing on you and making sure your life is in order so that when your Mr. Right really does enter your life, you'll be prepared and accessible for him and won't conceivably pass up a great opportunity for a brilliant future filled with love.

Becoming the perfect gentleman can be a life-long process for every one of us as we mature, change, and learn profitable lessons through the experiences we are faced with in our everyday lives. To do so, you must take your attention off of all distractions including wondering why its so hard to find a good man, complaining and stressing about whether you will always be single. You can instead channel these emotions and your energy into something promising that will really affect your life in a positive manner. When you choose to concentrate on something that is out of your control, it tends to leave you with emotions of weakness and frailty that will attack your self-esteem, leaving you broken and unprepared for when the right man does come along.

Focus on what you do have control over, yourself. Take this time as a man to get your life in order so you won't have anything preoccupying you time, keeping you away from catching your perfect mate. Nothing can be more detrimental than passing up a great opportunity for love in light of the fact that you weren't available emotionally, something that can cause us not to see Mr. Right--even if he's right before our eyes.

You must ask yourself, am I dateable? Would I date myself? What is the external and internal image you see reflecting back at you when you look in the mirror? Are you pleased with the being the man that you've grown to be? In the event that you have a negative response to any of the questions, what does that say in regards to you and where you are in life? On the off chance that you don't like who you are and what you bring to the table, you can't anticipate that others will see this as an advantage either. For all you know, you may be unwittingly giving off vibes that reveal how you feel about yourself, defeating your dating prospects.

Focus on your shortcomings and elevate them now before the right gentleman comes along so that you don't miss out on him by not being prepared or accessible.

Delve deeply into your shortcomings and focus your energy on developing those into strengths. Think about all of the aspects of your life and evaluate how you feel you're doing in each of these areas. Some examples would be:

·       Spirituality
·       Relationships and support system (,etc.)
·       Career/Finances
·       Self-esteem
·       Dating skills
·       Social skills
·       Emotional health
·       Physical health
·       Appearance
·       Living arrangement

Another thing you must take care of is "unfinished business" from the past, and making sure that you are not carrying any baggage from old relationships that could hinder you from finding true love. If you have any addictions of any sort (liquor/medications, sex, sustenance, Internet, activity, work, and so on.), take care of those. Anything that stresses you out and takes your attention away from being that perfect man, take care of those things before searching. These things can keep you from attaining genuine self-awareness.

Something else that may help is to make a list of every characteristic you are searching for in someone else. When you've finished this, look it over. Do you meet the criteria of everything on your list? If not, you have some work to do within yourself.

Through this entire process, remember to avoid negative talk toward yourself as you are a work in progress. Challenge those negative voices by continuing to progress to being that right person for someone else, knowing that your work will one day reward you with a lifetime of love.

A man with a solid image of self, self-respect, fine demeanor, confidence--not arrogance, who is genuine, and enthusiastic about life is sure to attract the same!

By taking the focus off of your lack of dating prospects and failures in finding someone,  and transferring that energy into making a positive change for yourself, you will become more satisfied in your life and no matter if Mr. Right doesn't come for years, you're life has still continued to progress in a positive direction. You've taken steps to become a better man for yourself, your friends and family and that is just as important.

So stop all of the self-doubt, and complaining. Continue on the avenue of making yourself fucking awesome, and know that life has a way of gifting us what we need and want, when we are ready to receive it.

I know I'm anticipating it, but by no means am I sitting still and waiting for it.

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