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Friday, April 11, 2014


British singer Duncan James calls himself gay, but says he could still have sex with a woman.
The boyband member came out as bisexual back in 2009, and later identified as gay.

Speaking exclusively to Gay Star News, the Blue member said he realises people like people like him to be ‘put in a box’.
He said: ‘I think to myself, I sleep with men, so that makes me gay.
‘Regardless of whether I sleep with women or not, I’m still sleeping with men so I’m gay.

‘So I’m still attracted to women, I could still easily sleep with a woman. I haven’t in the last couple of years but I think if I meet a girl I could still have a relationship with her.’

He continued: ‘I could still be romantically and sexually attracted involved with a girl.

‘But I still call myself gay. I’m a gay guy. I like men, so that makes me gay.

‘Don’t get me wrong, I think people can be bisexual. When I came out as bisexual at the time, it was just easier to use the word.
‘I do say I’m gay, but I don’t really care about labels. I don’t really care if people want to call me bisexual or gay.’

James is not the only Brit who previously identified as bisexual to make the headlines this month.

Olympic diver Tom Daley, who said he still fancied girls in his coming out video four months ago, said he considers himself a ‘gay man now.’

And pop star Jessie J caused controversy when she described her bisexuality a ‘phase’. She now says she only fancies, dates and loves ‘only men’.



  1. I recently mentioned Tom Daley in a Tumblr post of mine (

    For gay media treats ANYONE's announced bisexuality to be the same as Jessie J describes hers - as a phase. And that's just as wrong as the straights that tried to tell every gay person that their homosexuality was "just a phase".

    So the weak-minded bisexuals allow themselves to feel forced to pick a side for public approval. However, the truth can't stay hidden forever. That's probably why Duncan James has now made his statement about being able to be with a woman.

    And this feeling cornered is one reason why I keep saying gay media needs a massive dismantling if it's to become something to inspire our the LGBT community. And 3 ways to start doing it right is by getting rid of the 1)racists, 2)racially insensitive, and 3)hetero-phobes. For gay media is overrun by those 3



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