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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The mini-challenge this week involved the queens decorating their chins to perform a lip-sync number upside down. Joslyn wins the challenge and is given the task of deciding the order that the queens will perform in this week's main challenge; to write and perform a stand-up comedy routine in front of a live audience of mostly senior citizens. 
Darienne Lake goes first and impresses the judges with her funny routine. She is followed by Courtney Act, whose routine is described as average but she is complimented for playing to her strengths and including a song. Adore Delano goes next and is critiqued for her routine having too much swearing in it as well as being accused of letting her personality carry her through another challenge, which causes her to break down and express her desire to be in the competition and show the judges what she is made of. 
The next queen to perform is BenDeLaCreme, whose jokes are described as intelligent but is criticised for her speedy delivery, her "showgirl" runway look and reliance on a character. Laganja Estranja receives very negative critiques, with her routine being described as dull and hidden behind a emotionless fa├žade. Ru also takes her to task for not believing in her own star power and letting helpful critique get the best of her when she becomes defensive. On the other hand, Ru gets emotional when praising Trinity for finally standing up to her insecurities and delivering a strong, funny performance without letting self-doubt get the best of her. 
Joslyn performs next and is criticised for her routine starting strong but dramatically fading as well as for putting herself before Bianca, a comedian. Bianca is last on stage and receives glowing critiques, with all the judges agreeing that she excelled all aspects of the challenge. This leads Bianca be named the winner whilst Joslyn and Laganja are asked to lip-sync. 
After a high-energy performance, Ru saves Joslyn whilst reminding Laganja to own her stardom before asking her to sashay away.

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