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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


For this week's mini challenge, the girls were tasked with bedazzling their hands and modelling fruits and vegetables, with Laganja being named the winner. Ru then placed the girls into groups for this weeks main challenge: to come up with commercials for Ru's new cosmetic line, "Glamazon", which targeted specific demographics. 
During the main challenge, all of the groups suffered some problems. Adore and Laganja performed well but had trouble keeping in sync. Bianca struggled trying to bring the confidence out of Trinity, but in the end both queens performed well. Darienne and DeLa struggled with the tension between them as well as with their unusual concept based around plastic surgery. Courtney and Trinity also had problems with their cues. 
For their main stage presentation, the queens were asked to dress in their best black and white outfits. During the judges critiques, Adore and Laganja were praised for their funny commercial but Laganja's outfit was criticised. Trinity and Bianca's commercial also was well received and their synergy as team members was also praised. On the other hand, DeLa and Darienne's concept was seen as confusing and distracting from the product, whereas Courtney and Joslyn were criticised for not identifying the product quickly enough. Joslyn's look was also criticised for being too similar to her outfit last week which was not well received and DeLa was accused of hiding behind a "showgirl" character. Adore and Laganja won the challenge and Darienne and DeLa were asked to lip-sync. After a strong performance, Ru initially saves Darienne, before shocking everyone and also saving DeLa, declaring that she wanted to give DeLa the opportunity to show more.

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