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Friday, April 25, 2014


On the final weekend before May officially kicks off the summer box office season, two new wide releases aim to get their share of the market before Hollywood pulls out its big guns. 

The Other Woman


- Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann have starred in their share of comedy hits in the past.
- The lack of appealing movies to women this year could translate to a "ladies' night out" option here.
- The casting of popular supermodel Kate Upton could help entice male audiences, too.


- Critical reviews and online buzz range from modest to somewhat poor.
- The last weekend of April has been known to generate more than a few box office disappointments, such as last year's The Big Wedding.
- Diaz's box office drawing power is mixed at best.

Brick Mansions


- Fans of the late Paul Walker could turn up for this film, his first release since last November's tragic car crash.
- Twitter, Facebook, and Flixster buzz have all picked up some last-minute momentum ahead of release.


- Objectively speaking, the film wouldn't likely be receiving a wide theatrical release under ordinary circumstances.

- Walker's fans are more likely to wait for his final performance in next year's Fast & Furious 7.

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