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Monday, May 23, 2016


If 90% the examples and discussions we have about relationships are from a negative perspective, why do so many single gay men want to be in one so badly?

Think about it. It seems like every time we’re discussing gay couples, it’s from a salacious, messy or drama-filled perspective: He was flirting with other men. He cheated on him. He gave him HIV. He outed him to his family. He was always broke and never had a job. He just used him. They fought all the time. They argued constantly.

The list goes on.

Very rarely do gay men actually in relationships share the joys and benefits to their unions.

Before you answer with over-simplified reasons like “companionship,” I’d argue that companionship can be achieved without the drama that seemingly comes from being in a relationship. On top of that, many men in relationships often feel lonely at times, even with a boyfriend.

Is it the desire for consistent sex?

Is the need to manifest the fantasy in your head of what a gay relationship is supposed to look like?
Is it worth it?

Why do you even want to be in a relationship in the first place? What does “being in a relationship” even mean to you?


  1. Perhaps one of the main reasons is that society places so much emphasis on the value and the ideal of living in a "partnership," be it heterosexual, same gender loving or whatever. Good question, my naked buddy!

  2. With me being in a man and man relationship I don't ask no more then a women would want from a guy... Example I would like someone I can feel safe comfortable around we can tell each other every single thing no bares hold and to be able to trust one n other. But never seems to work out so eh it is wat it is

  3. After being in a long term relationship for 12 years, I have been single for four. Truthfully the only thing I need a man for is sex,there are times when I want to talk to someone intimately or escort me to an event, being single allows me to have different men in my life to suit my purposes. I make my own money, pay my bills and do not have the relationship drama. Don't need it, don't want it.

  4. Its all of the above. I enjoy the company of men -- plural. To establish a good, reliable and stable relationship, one has to appreciate and realize the culture which creates one. Thus one person may be schooled in the fine art of selecting a mate and keep their relationship going the other may not. This is why, if we are relationship oriented we should find another person who is also. It is hard to change a person from enjoying the single life, if they are unwilling to adapt the concept. I know I would not do well in a one on one relationship. I enjoy my freedom too much. And I hate the idea of cheating and being deceptive to a person I love...its not fair.



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