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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Myren sure pulled one over on his folks! The maryland high school student wanted to go to the prom with his boyfriend, but his parents didn’t care for that — they forbade him from attending.

So he told them that he was going to an “ashawo” party and went anyway. (Sidenote: what’s an ashawo party? In Nigerian slang it means “prostitute” so probably not that.)

Anyway, everyone’s been utterly charmed by the photos that Myren posted to his Twitter, showing two dapper teens with glorious suits. A few negative comments popped up here and there but in general it’s all been quite supportive.

If his parents ever figure out what Twitter is, they’ll be in for quite a shock — their son’s become a minor celebrity since the prom. But they’re unlikely to come around anytime soon: when he came out as bisexual, they instantly disapproved and wanted him to stop dating his boyfriend.

Myren seems to have made the right decision, though. Eventually, those parents will probably find out that he went to the prom, at which point it’ll become clear that if they’re going to reject him, he’ll reject them right back. He’s choosing an authentic life over the disapproval of family, which is always the right thing to do.

Sadly, that means missing out on some important experiences. He told Buzzfeed that he missed having his parents there to take pictures of him as he headed out. His boyfriend’s family didn’t come either.

But despite the speed bumps towards acceptance, Myron, and queer kids like him, have a huge thumbs-up from social media all over the world. Congrats to the happy couple.


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  1. This is indeed a very poignant story, my friend. Thank you for sharing this. Congratulations to both Myren and his BF!