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Friday, April 4, 2014


April kicks off in a big way with Disney's and Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier will you fight with or against this movie this weekend? Maybe the PROS & CONS will sway you.


- Marvel's continued success before and after The Avengers has significantly expanded the appeal of their films into the general audience.
- Fandango reports that pre-sales are out-pacing those of Thor: The Dark World.
- With a less competitive market outside summer or the holiday season, Winter Soldier is well-positioned as an event film.
- The first Captain America, as with most of Marvel's movies so far, was well-received.
- Critics' reviews and early fan word of mouth are resoundingly positive.
- Facebook, Flixster, and Twitter are all yielding encouraging buzz metrics.


- Some fans were disappointed in Iron Man 3, while Thor: The Dark World was even more divisive. Will that be a factor for this shared-universe sequel?
- Regardless of anything else, Captain America hasn't yet established himself as a "must see" character. That could change with this sequel, though.

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