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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The mother of the gay man attacked with hot water, for sleeping with a boyfriend, is certain the suspect will answer for his crime.
‘He’s not human,’ Kim Foster said to Channel 2 Action News about Martin Blackwell, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ‘He got hatred in his heart and God’s gonna deal with him.’

Blackwell, Foster’s boyfriend for approximately three years, is accused of pouring scalding water on Anthony Gooden Jr. and Marquez Tolbert as they slept in an Atlanta apartment; Gooden shares the apartment with Foster, his mother.

Gooden came out to his family last year, and introduced his boyfriend to relatives. Blackwell allegedly expressed disapproval of the gay couple the night before the assault.

‘I said, “That’s not your house. You need to mind your business,”‘ Foster said to Channel 2. ‘(And he said,) “Well, they laying up there.” I said, “That is not your business. (Anthony) don’t bother you. That boy don’t bother you. This is not your house.”‘
Gooden sustained severe burns on his face, neck, back, chest and arms. For two weeks he was in a coma, and was released from hospital approximately a week ago.
Tolbert was in hospital for 10 days, sustaining second and third degree burns.

After the February attack, Blackwell was charged with two counts of aggravated battery. The 48-year-old is  presently being held in Fulton County jail. The police report says the suspect allegedly said ‘it was just a little hot water on them.’ He also allegedly told law enforcement he was ‘disgusted’ with the relationship between Gooden and Tolbert.

The FBI announced last week it would investigate the case for possible hate crime charges.

Gooden faces years of recovery. His family has started a GoFundMe account to help pay for his medical costs. As of 20 March, approximately $61,000 (€54,00) has been raised.

Tolbert’s family has also set up a GoFundMe account for his medical expenses. As of 20 March, approximately $61,000 (€54,000)  has been donated.


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