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Friday, March 11, 2016


Are you looking for a relationship so much you can’t stand it? Some people get this feeling at a very young age, especially if they had never been in a relationship before and they feel they need it to survive. This need is often accompanied by the feeling of isolation: the guy feels he is attracted to a certain type of people that the “gay scene” never pictures together.

First you must take it easy. Life flows too fast to let some decisions take control. Sometimes our notion of things come from a conceived idea that we see in other couples, in movies/TV and society in general, but things are not so simple.

I'm all about expressing feelings, but you have to filter them a little in the beginning.

At the start, guys like to go in for a sip to see if they like what they taste. If you're giving them more than a mouthful they can't swallow it all at once, so they run away. Men also love the chase. When you give all of yourself away too fast, it lessens his prize.
Once you relax, you'll find the love you desire, but you also have to let it find you at its own pace. 

If you don't know how fast to take it, match his pace. There is no book of rules about how to get and maintain a relationship, which means you will have to measure that yourself.

But what if he does not “match” you like you picture it?
There's nothing wrong with being a venti and liking a tall. Dating takes resilience, so keep going after the type of guys you like. You'll eventually catch one.

There is no dating utopia in any community and your man is out there, but you can't wallow in a puddle of perceived deficiencies until he comes along. Don't generalize based on previous duds. Get out there, everywhere, and stay focused on the prize. If you’re into skinny geeky guys, go where the geeky boys go (certain social clubs, certain cultural events, certain businesses attract certain types of people). Do you hang out where the nerdy guys hang out? If not, pick up that bottled up love energy and fill your calendar with every event and location visit you can think of. He's out there. Don't let him pass you by. And when you do catch him, let him work for it as you do too.

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  1. Very well written. Questions r why do u want a relationship? Is there room n ur life as well as living conditions. If ur livings cluttered life, those r the ppl u encounter. Free up space 4 the person u want 2 reside with.



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