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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I don’t know what Lucian Piane has on someone over at World of Wonder, but no season of RuPaul’s Drag Race would be complete without some strange group number composed by the sexy (and increasingly salt-and-pepper) composer. This time it’s a Pitch Perfect-inspired a cappella battle between rival drag groups performing some of Mama Ru’s greatest hits.

The challenge allowed the queens to show a little more of what they’re capable of this week, offering flashes of their choreo and comedy chops. Who hit all the right notes, and who was pitch slapped? Find out what went down in last night’s shocking episode below!

The week started with the group recovering from Naysha’s surprising elimination. Ru arrives to incite a cha-cha riot, tasking the girls with giving a Latin-flavored drag dance to Ru’s new track “Cha Cha Bitch.” Kim Chi reveals her complete lack of dance skills, causing her to be the last picked when mini-challenge winners Chi Chi and Cynthia split the girls into two teams. (Bob describes Kim as having “two left feet and vertigo.”) Chi Chi struggles to get the girls to respect her as team lead, especially Acid Betty. The performances are overall pretty strong. The judges put Kim Chi on notice, but Dax and Laila land in the bottom two. Ultimately they both fail to impress Ru, leading to a double elimination. The surprises don’t end there. The show ends on a cliffhanger: Ru calls someone on the phone and asks how quickly they can get there.

We’ll have to wait until next week to find out who’s on the other end of the line. Until then, let’s check in with their competition in our Power Rankings.

1. Thorgy edged out Bob this week with more opportunities to shine. She managed to stay true to her comedy instincts despite her team leader (incorrectly) trying to keep her in the background. She played her part perfectly, blending in with her a cappella girl gang while still playing the clown. Her jumpsuit was wonderfully refreshing on the runway.

2. While Bob wasn’t really in the forefront of this episode, she was captivating each time she was featured in the performance, she helped support her team when she could and her runway look was a stand-out. Bob’s combination of humor, heart and personality still makes her this season’s one to beat.

3. After last week’s Bitch Ball misstep, Robbie Turner returned to form with one of the more memorable lip syncs in the group performance and a ravishing red carpet number. If last week was a fluke and this is a better indicator of what Turner is truly capable of, she’s one to watch.

4. My suspicions that Kim Chi was all look were sort of confirmed last night. She can’t dance, she’s not confident in her lip sync and if Michelle clocks that walk one more time, she’s a goner. Lord help her if she needs to lip sync for her life. Kim’s shyness is endearing though, and she could stick around a bit depending if the next few challenges are heavier on looks and acting or music and dancing. Her confessions of being a former fat kid and glimpses of vulnerability are certainly helping her connect with audiences.

5. Although I’m still sour on Acid Betty’s acrid attitude, even my skewed perspective can’t deny her dominance in last night’s challenge. She easily slipped into character and was the most dynamic performer on her team. She’s getting the villain edit though, and America’s Next Drag Superstar won’t be such a snob. Just ask Roxxxy Andrews.

6. I’m taking a risk ranking Naomi Smalls above some of her more seasoned competitors, but there’s something really captivating about the young queen. She’s gorgeous. She’s got a really refined, specific look, but also seems to understand how to throw herself into the challenges.

7. Cynthia certainly seems fun, but boy do I think she could get exhausting. Cynthia’s performance in the group number almost felt too big. I mean, she launched a cha-cha heel into the sky. Her manic energy might go from giddy to grating really quickly, especially when she’s doing comedy against some real clever queens.

8. Derrick didn’t serve us Britney tonight, and the result was sort of just OK.

9. I know Chi Chi was last night’s challenge winner, but I just don’t think she’s got a strong chance of overtaking these other pros. In a way, she’s the anti-Betty. She’s got a ton of heart, but no innovation. I think Ru roots for an underdog like her — someone’s whose energy and spirit transcends her resources — but the competition is too stiff to win this on heart alone.

10. Poor Laila. Sure, she was a mess. Yes, that lip sync stunk. However, Laila had a unique drag point of view that combined a little goth rock n roll with a bit of Violet Chachki’s S&M flair. I’m curious what else she had to offer, but it was her time to go.

11. I’m less sad to see Dax pack her wigs and go. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some comic-con realness as much as the next gay nerd, but everything about her tonight was lackluster. Her lip syncs were sans sizzle, and that runway look barely would pass muster for a mother of the bride, let alone red carpet eleganza.

How would you rank the queens? Whom do you think Ru is calling in next week?


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