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Monday, June 10, 2013


Anal sex is one of the primary methods of sexual exploration among gay men. Not only is it popular but it also is one that has more misconceptions attached to it. Although many enjoy the act, there are a number of men that don't. For them, what was supposed to be pleasure turned out to be painful. And rather than deal with another person who could potentially cause damage, they have given up the act. If you are interested in enjoy better anal sex, it is important that you avoid the most common mistakes gay men make. Your partner will appreciate you not breaking one of these important tips.

You Don’t Think You Need To Learn Anything

When it comes to anal sex, you don’t rely on your instincts. You need to come prepared if you want it to be an awesome experience for both of you. This means having the proper supplies at  your home for his comfort including an anal douche. Cleaning the anal canal helps to prevent accidents that may occur. The Stream Master Hydra is easy to use and last for years to come. Even if you think that having an anal douche is the bottom's responsibility  having one available can ensure that any issues can be addressed.  Anal is not just sticking your penis inside his ass. You should be aware of his body works, where his prostate is and what you can do to stimulate him. If you don’t enter the situation sufficiently informed, you are not going to rock his world.

You Don't Use the Right Kind of Lube

It may sound of stupid to repeat the obvious but men don't produce lubrication to allow them to have comfortable anal sex. In order to ensure that he is comfortable, you have to use sex lubricant. Many men make the mistake of getting a lower quality brand thinking that all lube is the same. It's not. A premium quality lubricant will not dry out. It stays in place and provides a silky glide that makes the experience enjoyable. There are specialty lubricants made for anal sex that relax the muscles of the body and allow greater comfort. Pjur Analyse Me has jojoba extract to soften the skin and helps increase enjoyment.

You Don’t Find Out How He Likes It

 Every man that enjoys anal sex doesn't enjoy it in the same way. While you may think he wants to be banged out, he may only find pleasure from a sensual stroke. To truly know how to create pleasure for both of you, you must have a conversation. This should take place outside of the bedroom. It is your responsibility to put his concern first since he is vulnerable to pain and injury should you not listen to what he needs. Take your time and assure him that the experience will be done in the most comfortable manner possible. Find out exactly what makes him hesitant and then see what you can do to ease his fears. Communication is a big deal.

 You Don’t Stimulate Him During Intercourse

 It is important that he is very turned on before you get busy. Foreplay is essential. If you think that your dick is enough to get him hot, you are sadly mistaken. You are not all that.  When he’s aroused, he body is more open to penetration making the act easier. You should stimulate him to the point where he craves you inside of him. And once you enter, you need to ensure that he stays in the mood. You should caress his nipples, rub his body and stroke him sensually. Although some men may be able to have an orgasm from penetration, using a masturbation toy on him can send shock-waves through his body. The Mood Pleaser Frost is a toy that feel like the real thing. It has sensual beads that provide pleasure from base to tip. While he's on his back, you can slide it on providing him the constant stimulation needed to ensure anal sex is hot.

You Think You Are In Control

There is a rule that I believe should be the standard for anal sex. The bottom controls the show. I know that men think that bringing the dick gives them some sort of power in the bedroom. This couldn't be further than the truth. For anal sex to happen, the bottom has to be comfortable. Therefore the job of the top is to put the pleasure of the part at the forefront of the activity. Loose the ego. Dick is around every corner. Invest in your happiness by allowing your partner to get adjusted to your body and when he is in his zone, you can go for broke. Let him guide it slowly inside of his anus. Even if it takes some time to insert an inch, let him do it. If you try to rush things along by pumping with a sudden movement, the thought of having lost the control will make him tense up. Just talk to him and shower him with praise. He’ll really let loose.



  1. I agree with ALL of these points.

    Let me say that for some damn reason, every sex party I've been to here in NYC, seems to have an overload of Lifestyles personal lubricant with Aloe, which is THE FUCKING WORST! You can see when you try use it to jerk off, it dries up quick. That's why I started bringing my own lube with me to sex parties. I used Wet, but I will kept Pjur in mind as well.

    And in light of my recent blog post and XTube video that you graciously commented on, you know you get no argument from me on your last point especially. ;-)

    1. I know you are in CONTROL :-)

  2. Hi Cybersissy here
    i wanted to make some remarks on anal showring
    ofcourse its nice to have a clean butt, and analshowering is a sollution but there is an important but, i mean to say everytime you clean it you damage the natural balance inside, so when you do it to often like every day then it will prompt sores and worse, there a expensive ways to clean it by that the pharmacy provides but it is not really my thing
    i know a guy that injected yoghurt which kinda blasted my imagination, it was to restore the inside he said, in the end we seem to talk to little to eachother about these things and i think there is loads to learn from the elder
    diseases aint the thing people are open about
    so please be carefull and in the end just enjoy

    1. thanks for your comment

  3. Replies
    1. this is a master here :-)

  4. Replies
    1. yeah I had to share :-)

  5. Thanks for all that interesting and informative sharing.

    1. it is my pleasure, anything that makes life easy for us I am MORE than willing to share :-)

  6. You made some good points, now I know what to do to make my life pleasurable. Thanks!!!!



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