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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Flirting people get the most attention – in a public space the person who gets the most attention is not necessarily the most attractive, but the one who flirts most. If someone sends about 35 flirting signals in one hour she could receive on average four romantic proposals for that period of time. Well, 35 signals per hour seems like a lot of work, but you should know that a good flirt means constantly sending out signals – something simple as tilting your head sideways, stroking your hand or leaning slightly to the man whom she likes.

Sometimes you may be confused by pseudo flirting – Studies show that men often mistake friendly behavior for flirting

Flirting is healthy – Researches claim that flirting people have more white blood cells in their body. The more white blood cells, the stronger immune system.

Look the direction of the feet – Feet are usually directed towards the place the person wants to go. In other terms, if someone’s feet aren’t pointed toward you, it’s bad. If you see so called “pigeon toes” – feet which are pointed in toward each other, it means that the person is trying to look innocent and easily accessible, which is good – this person most probably likes you.

Be careful not to overdo it – Researches from the Social Issues Research Centre claim that the most common mistake during flirting is to keep too much eye contact.

Imitation is a sign of attraction – People imitate the actions of the people from whom they are attracted. So if you want to find whether someone is attracted to you, scratch your hand, check your watch, or cross your legs and see if they will do the same. If he person imitates you, it means that at subconscious level he or she is trying to get in tune with yourself.

Flirty or friendly? - Friends may act friendly, but flirters will try to really show off themselves. For example men would expand and show their chest by stretching, or stuff their hands in their pockets.


  1. Cool post! and finally, a second-too-long stare at??????? LOL!

  2. Replies
    1. that can be hard @ times :-)

  3. My idea of flirting? Stare at crotch, check-in with eyes, stare more at crotch. Put hands in pockets to call attention to my bulge. Bite lower lip. Check in with eyes. Repeat or move on to next target. - This is much more subtle than may old means of flirting: follow target into bathroom, unzip, pretend to piss, as they leave urinal, move in opposite direction, so you 'bump' into them. Make eye contact. Go directly to knees. - Yeah... that got me into a lot of trouble. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. I have to look out for this stuff when I am out and about :-)



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