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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hooking up is easy, but meeting the RIGHT person to spend your time, and possibly life, with is incredibly hard.

In these days and times, when the media is constantly telling women that there aren’t enough “eligible” men to go around, where does that leave many of the gay men? Some of us have made the unfortunate decision to settle for Mr. Alright (if I squint my eyes just so) instead of Mr. Absolutely Right For Me.

Because time is precious and you can’t get back those months, or God forbid, years you’ve poured into an unfulfilling relationship, here to offer a few tips that will help you keep it moving (or get moving) when faced with a partner who just isn’t cutting it.

So let’s get on with it, shall we?

3 Signs you should ditch your man:

1)   He has potential…and little else: 

Oh how we love fixer-uppers! Sometimes we’ll meet someone who is sweet, caring, and smart, but not using any of his God-given talents for good. Instead of pursing his passion, education, or working hard, dude is at home wasting time and creating the next YouTube Diva Dance Video. While men with potential can become GREAT men, if all he has is potential without the drive to match, run. Eventually you’ll get tired and frustrated with being his cheerleader and will want to hurl your pom-poms (or shoe) at his head.

2)   He’s always making excuses: 

A man who cannot take responsibility for his actions is not worth your time. Straight up. Making excuses about why he can’t get out and look for a job (yes, even in this economy), adults take responsibility for their well-being; they don’t sit and wait for the world to come to them. If your partner isn’t able to man up on something so vital as seeking employment, how will they act if something major happens in the relationship?

3)   He disrespects other gay men:

Guys, just because he treats you right (at the moment) does not excuse his blatant disrespect of other gay men. If he’s doesn't have respect for each type of gay man within the community, he doesn't have respect for you as well. One day his venom will get directed at you. Additionally, do you really want someone who think so negatively about other gay men no matter what they 'represent'? Methinks not.

 What do you think? What are some other signs that tell you it’s time to hit the door?


  1. thank you for your suggestions

  2. A man who never disagrees with you. It means he is not invested enough in you to bother. OR he's a doormat.



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