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Friday, June 21, 2013


Following Man of Steel's huge success last weekend, Disney/Pixar's Monsters University and Brad Pitt's World War Z enter the fray this weekend. I had intention of seeing Monsters University, but I think I'll pass because Monsters Inc. isn't a fav of mine from Disney/Pixar. So it will just be Brad and me this weekend. What movie(s) will you watch this weekend?

Monsters University


- The Pixar brand name.
- The original Monsters, Inc. was one of Pixar's biggest box office hits back in 2001.
- Aside from Epic, families with kids have been starved for animation this summer.
- Online activity has been consistently healthy via Twitter, Facebook, and Flixster.


- Nostalgia from older fans could be inflating some of the online hype.
- Prequels don't typically fare as well as their predecessors.
- Man of Steel is proving to draw well from the family crowd--could that affect Monsters?

World War Z


- Brad Pitt has steadily turned into a reliable draw.
- The zombie genre is particularly hot right now, evidenced by the popularity of TV's "The Walking Dead".
- Built-in appeal to fans of the book (which the movie is very loosely based on).
- Will Smith found great success with the similarly themed I Am Legend in 2007.


- Man of Steel may have stolen some of this film's potential thunder at the box office.
Audiences have had a lot of action films to choose from already this summer.

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