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Monday, March 24, 2014


Wyatt O’Brian Evans is the creator of the steamy, sexually provocative and popular series of novels entitled Nothing Can Tear Us Apart (NCTUA).  More than just highly entertaining, NCTUA deals with some serious issues—including its overarching theme:  Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A). 

     According to Evans, he decided to tackle IPV/A—which tends to be heavily stigmatized and “swept under the rug” in the LGBTQ Community—in the form of fiction. “I handled it in that way because I believed that the issue would be more palatable,” stated the author.  “It’s less of ‘bitter pill to swallow’.  However, the issue’s impact is in no way diminished.” 

     RAGE!, the latest installment in the NCTUA series, has just been released.  And lemme tell ya—it’s one helluva rollercoaster ride!  And, the last three chapters will leave you simply breathless!  I had a recent talk with Evans about “all things RAGE!”

Evans:  Mr. Gaytekeeper, thanks for taking the time to speak with me.

Q:  Where were you born and raised?
A:  The metro Washington D.C. area.

Q:  As a child, did you want to become a journalist/writer/entertainer?
A:  Pretty much.  As a kid, I was always into the news, current affairs, politics—that’s why I decided to go into journalism.  And when I was a kid, I’d write poetry.  And, a buddy of mine and I created comic book companies.  We were the creators, writers, and illustrators; every month for a couple of years, we’d exchange book titles.  That was a lot of fun!  I also had the ability to make others laugh, and decided to try comedy as an adult.  As a stand-up comedian, when the audience is laughing at your material and is really into you, and you have them in the palm of your hand, well…it can be better than an orgasm!  (Pause)  Well, almost.  (Hearty laugh)

Q:  What’s your educational background? 
A:  I have two Bachelor of Arts degrees, in journalism and political science, from the George Washington University.  I’ve nearly finished my Masters in Communications.

Q:  What are your writing/journalism credentials?
A:  I’ve been a writer consultant for government and the private sector.  And, I’ve written for print and on-line media outlets including the  Huffington Post, Bilerico, BaltimoreOUTloud, Washington Post, Washington Blade, American Politics, and Imperious Entertainment.  I’ve written in-depth, popular and influential series on both racism and domestic violence/abuse (intimate partner violence/abuse) in the LGBT community. 

Q:  What motivated you to write Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!?
A.   I wanted to tell the fresh, unique and inspiring story of two openly gay, accomplished, upwardly mobile masculine men of color—Wesley, (African-American), and Antonio (‘Tonio; Latino)—who, no matter what the odds, work to forge, sustain and then nurture a monogamous relationship.  I wanted to demonstrate that two masculine men could indeed be truly loving and romantic.  I also wanted to explore how intimate partner violence and abuse would impact the couple.

Q:  What’s the novel all about? 
A:  Well, Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! has as its protagonists Wesley, who’s African-American, and Antonio (‘Tonio) who’s Latino.  Wes is 45, ‘Tonio’s 31, so there’s some age difference to make it interesting.  The story is set in the present time, in metro Washington area. 
     Wes is a handsome, wealthy celeb/ entrepreneur, who hires the deliciously muscular ‘Tonio as his Chief of Security.  When they first meet, the chemistry is instantaneous, totally off the hook!  But neither one acts on the attraction?  Why?  Well, they’ve both failed in the relationship department before.  And then, they wonder if they should mix “bizness with pleasure,” if you will. 
     But after getting to know one other well on so many different levels, they can’t help it: they fall in love—deeply, madly, passionately.  However, they still have problems admitting it.  But certain circumstances compel them to confess their true feelings for one another!  And the lovemaking scene that follows is awesomely provocative, riveting, explosive, and simply HAWT!!!  
    You see, I wanted a “slow burn”—no sex between them occurs until they pledge their love to one another.  I wanted to show these two guys falling in love, NOT lust.  And afterwards, the two form a monogamous relationship.
      However, Wes and ‘Tonio must confront internal issues and outside forces that throw their relationship in dire jeopardy—including a duplicitous, nefarious individual who further manipulates and complicates matters.  And then, things get totally out of control and ‘Tonio physically batters Wes! 
     However, that’s not the end of the story:  far more occurs that profoundly impacts both men--including a horrific experience Wes undergoes.  Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! addresses and explores various issues/themes including intimate partner violence/abuse (IPV/A), the DL, and ethnic/racial tensions between African-Americans and Latinos. 

Q:  Why do you believe that your novel will resonate well with a broad audience?
A:  Thought-provoking, Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! is full of rich drama, action, masculine romance, intrigue, provocative sexual situations, and twists and turns.   Men and women—be they straight, gay, bisexual, transgender--can embrace and relate to Wes and ‘Tonio, because their story is one of true, deep romantic love between two individuals.  Because RAGE! addresses and explores topical, relevant, and timely issues, I fervently believe that Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! has universal appeal.

Q:  Would you leave your partner if he physically abused you?
A:  To be honest, yes.  But would/does Wes leave ‘Tonio?  You have to read Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! to find out!

Q:  Wyatt, what’s next, in the pipeline? 
A:  I‘ve finished a novella (short fiction) called Sinnin’ in Tha Citay.  Also, I’m working on the sequel to RAGE, and am fleshing out a self-help tome.  My new weekly progressive internet radio program, The WOE Show, debuts June 1.  And after that, I’ll be conducting national workshops/seminars on intimate partner violence and abuse.  And my company, Nair’Bo Universal, will be developing aspiring authors.   




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