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Friday, March 14, 2014


How far would you go to get that bubble butt that all the tops want?

3 Options are available for guys who want the look!

1- Get a gym membership : 

The Barbell full squats is definitely the exercise that will help the most. It actually helps the full leg from calves to glutes and hamstrings and even lower back.

Another exercise that I really enjoy doing and that really help to create the “humph” on top of the butt is the one-legged cable kickback. Those are my personal favorite at the gym! And they really work!


2-Option number 2 is the padded underwear:

You hate the gym, you don’t like sports, but still want to have that bubble butt. The padded underwear is the best option for you. It will give you that little bump that will fill your pants nicely. Discrete and very affordable, you can get these here and they are even on sale right now! Not the best option when you meet a guy because at one point you might have to get naked…

3- The last option, surgery:

You have extra money, don’t like gym and don’t want to wear those padded undies? Brazilian butt lift is the option for you (definitely not my choice…but it’s available). Between $6500 and $9000, the procedures guarantees to defy gravity and give you that look that will get your ass get more attention. I watched a video on youtube and I can tell you that I will NEVER get that surgery.

So which one is your favorite option?


  1. Ah! Once upon a time, I had a very nice butt and it was well f . . ked! But with age, it's sagged somewhat! Glorious butt in the last photo! Hugs, Patrick! Cum over and visit my blogs sometime!!!!!

    1. do you have proof of this bubble butt my lord?



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