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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Do you want a husband? Or would you rather have a spouse, partner, boyfriend, lover or mate? I recently read about a couple who is planning to get married that didn't like the word "husband" and wanted to know how other gay men felt about it. 

Share your opinion. 

What do you think of the word "Husband" when it comes to your significant other?


  1. if you want an opinion, I have to astract myself from my own life, because I believe I'll remain single, but if I imagine myself married, I can't find a better word than "husband". For me "husband & husband" is such a nice expression! If I were married, I'd be so proud to be an husband for anothe rhusband. No doubt!

    Enjoy my last post:

  2. Husband is fine in my opinion because it say we are a unit that is legal before man & God. The rest of the listed terms are cute but that's all they are cute! They describe a relationship that does not come with legal rights. Husband is only acceptable after we jump the broom. Until then those other term are a better fit

  3. even if my husband doesn't exist, as doesn't exist my boyfriend, I would use the word "husband" even with my boyfriend. I know some couples who use to call each other "husband - wife" or "husband - husband" while not being married.

    1. I call my partner the hubby when talking about him to others

  4. Now that gay marriage is mostly legal, husband/wife should only be used when a couple is actually married or at least have formally committed themselves to each other. The other terms are appropriate depending on the length and commitment of the relationship. It's a process.

    BTW - I'm single too.

    1. think I need to start a support group for the single guys



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