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Monday, March 3, 2014


Anal sex is one of the most popular methods of sex among gay men. It can make an experience hot if done the right way. You may run across a guy who isn’t as experienced and may be apprehensive to give you back door access. If you use these easy tips, you can ensure that his time will be pleasant and orgasmic.

Just A Little Head
Be sure that your partner is lube completely. Be sure to use a premium lubricant like JUS Premium Lubricant that will make penetration silky smooth. Once he’s lubed up and ready to go, start by inserting just the tip of the penis. Gently press your penis against the anus, apply light pressure. Slowly slide the tip in and hold. You’ll feel the ring of muscles around the anus tighten and relax. Encourage him to take a deep breath while his body adjusts.
Once relaxed, pull out and insert the head again. Tell him to push his anal muscles outward while you penetrate. This will allow for comfortable insertion. Using just the tip is a way to tease and build arousal before further penetration. Try different angles and sex positions to find out how what works best for him.

Slow and Steady
Gradually working your way to full penetration is an exciting way to have great anal. You increase sexual tension and allow the both of you to get in touch with each others body. Going slow creates a sense of safety, which helps immensely with him stay aroused. As his body adjusts, push further a little at a time. After each more forward, move a little back. This will get his body ready for the full effect.

Put in Some Work
If he’s not resistant and wants you in completely, put in some work. Once you’re all in, stand motionless for a few seconds, giving the muscles time to relax . Then enjoy sensual thrusts. There is no reason to start banging him unless he asks for it. Be sure to remember that the bottom is always in charge.

Should you follow these tips, you will find that the experience can be pleasurable for both of you. You should always start your love making session with foreplay. This develops arousal and keeps the passion hot. Always keep in mind that the anus isn’t like a vagina. You have to be careful during play. Hard action isn’t for everybody and you should only engage when he’s ready.



  1. Very,Very,Very good advise! Specially the end part where you wish everyone to remember that the bottom is in charge.
    It really is a shame the most tops do not follow these 3 spimple rules.

    1. maybe you should teach them :)

  2. Replies
    1. yeah they always give good stuff

  3. Have always loved being fucked. Some guys do it OH SO WELL! But others need a good lesson.

    1. it is all about chemistry and we can't have it with everyone



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