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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Anal sex can be extremely pleasurable for those that enjoy the sensation. Most men have no idea that they can receive an orgasm through anal exploration. Many have seen videos of guys that can reach ecstasy without touching themselves. What you may not have known is that this type of release is possible for a large number of men through stimulation of the P Spot. But if you are unable to experience it, you can have one of the most intense orgasms, the anal orgasm by using this information.
How it Happens
There are several different methods  of stimulating the P Spot that leads to an anal orgasm: the perineum, a finger into anal canal and prostate massager.  The perineum is the area outsie the body between the scrotum and the anus. A massage to this area can provide a very sensual experience for any man. A finger inserted into the anal canal can assist in stimulating the P Spot but the person exploring must know where the prostate is and how to apply the right amount of pressure. The best method is to use a Prostate Massager.  A prostate massager is an anal toy designed for men that is made to stimulate the P Spot contributing to an anal orgasm. Prostate massagers can be manual or vibrating. It's best to choose a prostate massager that is small in width and length. The Dr. Joel Prostate 5 Function Stimulator has ergonomic ridges and an angled tip for pinpoint prostate stimulation. With 5 powerful functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, you'll be able to find the right sensation to have an anal orgasm . Using a quality lubricant like JUS Lube by Dick Ross will ensure a smooth glide.

The orgasm you will achieve through stimulation will be deeper, more intense and last longer than what you have experienced. The anal orgasm is next level of pleasure and you can now have it.



  1. The more I read your posts, the more I am liking your blog. Today's post is very important, since lots of guy have never had a prostate massage. And like you said...they are missing out on an amazing orgasm!

    1. yep they are, I've had and given anal orgasms, they are AWESOME!

  2. I've been told about anal orgasm. As I understood, It should be got by a prostatic massage! As I don't like anal sex, for me, this orgasm will be impossible!!!

  3. I am impress about anal orgasm, I experience anal penetration before, but I could never get anything out of this, it always seem to hurt, so I gave up, so to speak. LOL
    but reading this as got me turned on and will try it. Sounds like a good exercise LOL. PS Thanks, I always love your blog and will continue on loving what you do, good info!!!

    1. just relax and it pays to be attracted to the person doing the penetrating

  4. I once knew a young man who went by the name of Bear, who experienced his anal orgasms the moment you touched his anal pucker--even THROUGH his jeans!



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