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Thursday, August 15, 2013


How does some of us come to the conclusion that when gay men engage in the romantic, emotional, spiritual act of intercourse without a barrier we label it psychotic bare-backing  but when straight people do it we call it sex? Your mother and father barebacked and this double standard is ludicrous. It is a natural and precious act that has been going on, quite literally, since the beginning of mankind.

So I ask you is there TOO much emphases placed on bare-backing and gay men?

If you say NO, I dare ask if you have uncanny ability to enjoy sex while your penis is wrapped in latex? Or perhaps, by whatever Olympian discipline you possess, you are capable of using a condom each and every time you have sex, no matter what? If so, then you are to be commended.

If you say YES, is it because you feel that bare-backing and the risk that comes with it further adds stigma and shame to our community?


  1. A very challenging question. The sad thing is that the safety of having bareback gay sex depends on everyone being up front and telling the truth, and they don't.

    1. I like to ask question that doesn't give a simple yes/no answer

  2. Back in my parent's (and my) day, Death was not one of the possible consequences of unprotected sex.

    I have always detested condoms and would rather not have penetrative sex than wear one. Does this make me a bad person? NO. Am I ashamed of my choice? NO, and I do not stand in judgement regarding anybody else's personal choice regarding this issue.

    We all know the risks involved and I assume that consensual sex between two adults includes discussion regarding the option of wearing or not wearing protection.

    1. I think it is commendable that you would opt out of penetrative sex rather than use condoms



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