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Friday, August 16, 2013


Four more films join an already packed marketplace this weekend as Kick-Ass 2, Jobs, Lee Daniels' The Butler, and Paranoia all go into wide release on Friday, August 16. I am going to watch The Butler of course, what will your eyes be looking at?


- After a summer filled with action films, older crowds may be ready for a more cerebral drama such as this.
- The media drama surrounding the movie's title offered free publicity for an otherwise low-key flick.
- The large ensemble cast.
- Previous history of similar films succeeding, such as this year's 42 and August 2011's The Help.
- Positive reviews could continue to increase awareness and interest.


- As a Weinstein Company release with a modest theater count, long legs are more likely to occur than a breakout opening.
- Social network metrics leave a bit to be desired, although that may simply be a byproduct of the film's lack of appeal to young audiences.

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