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Sunday, August 4, 2013


They cuddle unabashedly, show off their long, lovely legs in floral dresses, and put on eye makeup with a practiced hand.

With their flawless skin, shiny, straight hair and porcelain looks they are the embodiment of the Lolita-esque prettiness inspired by the Hello Kitty brand.

However, these are no teenaged schoolgirls but young Japanese men who crossdress as women, some doing so to serve as waitresses at a crossdressing bar and café.

The images have been put together with love – and determination – by Japanese photographer Naoko Tachibana in her photobook Yuri Danshi, released ceremoniously on 31 July.

Yuri Danshi means lesbian boys and the book, priced at roughly $20, hopes to help eradicate the negative perception that the world has of crossdressers.

“I’m a woman but I love people who crossdress,” Tachibana told Rocketnews24. “To me it’s clear that if they are cute or beautiful it doesn’t matter what gender they are.”
Tachibana, who runs a studio with a male crossdressing clientele and advocates against the ban on crossdressing at some events in Japan, says the popular perception that men should be a certain way is “disrespectful”.
“Don’t judge these (crossdressers) from the viewpoint a man or woman is expected to have but by what naturally moves your heart,” she says.

“Then you will see it a different way.”

However, it reqired a tough struggle to get a publisher for her book. After several rejections, the project was finally accepted by My Way Publishing.

The launch was followed by a promotional event in Tokyo Friday that was attended by the photographer as well as some of the male models. Five of the nine models work in a crossdressing bar and café.

Last year, Rocketnews24 reported there was a mushrooming of people in drag. However, unlike the original drag queens, who favored stylish clothing and pronounced makeup, the new breed consisted of middle-aged men who simply wore women’s clothes without making any attempt to hide their forms or features.

In 2008, the Daily Mail reported the transformation of septuagenarian Malcolm Murdoch, a former British Ministry of Defense official, who won permission to dress as a geisha, and donned the identity of Mary Murdoch.


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