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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


One of the advantages of being gay men is that we have the ability to create virtually any type of relationship we want. Heterosexual relationships are often limited by nature when it comes to genitalia. Either you are the one being penetrated or you are the one doing the penetration. But in homosexual relationships we men have the "tools" to be completely versatile, leading to endless amounts of pleasure and a wide variety of dating potentials.

Unfortunately, majority of gay men limit their potential by identifying as either top or bottom, and henceforth only pursuing those who are a different sexual preference than themselves. And the list of factors we take into consideration goes on and on. The more qualities we add to the list, the more the dating pool begins to shrink.

Despite us being able to connect much easier through dating apps and social media, in today's society it can be extremely challenging to find a quality partner. Yes it is very important to have personal requirements for selecting your ideal lover, but we must also take into consideration that it is our list that have the potential to limit our love lives.

When it comes to bottom/bottom relationships, I honestly do believe that they can work. A real relationship should never be defined by what we do sexually as a relationship is more than just what we do in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, rooftop…you get the picture. Believe it or not, bottom/bottom relations are easier that top/top relations since both parties are receptive to penetration. In top/top pairings, there is more resistance and that limits the flexibility of the pairing.

If you have find a partner, your soul-mate who is perfect for you in every way, except for the fact that he is a bottom just like you, could you walk away from him without regrets in an attempt to find a top who may fuck you, but never fuck you as good mentally as the bottom you left in the past?

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