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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Ass is the uncharted frontier. Many have spread it open. Several have plunged to its depths. Others have explored its vast and far reaching walls. But still many have not fully come to comprehend it’s wonders. The obstacle many of us fall into when figuring out a particular ass is we neglect to tell those seeking to explore us exactly how to treat our golden, chocolate, caramel, or cream-colored hills. That could be an attribute of not truly understanding our asses. We’ll gladly say fuck it, suck it, or eat it, but we rarely go the extra step of informing our partner on how to do those things. We leave them to their own devices and cross our fingers hoping he (or they) knows what he (or they) is doing.

Go the distance

Before you contemplate a technique, always remember eat it until the ass is juiced, then eat it some more. You always want your works space to be soft and supple. The tighter the boo-gina, the longer you’ll have to churn. The upside about eating it is that it will pay off dividends when it comes to fucking.

The kiss

Why is it that ass, and even pussy, is most often compared to either food or a mouth?  Cakes, lil debbies, bunts, pound, red velvet, cream filling, frosting are all analogies many have used for ass, while the actual asshole is usually referred to as lips that pucker.  Notwithstanding, if we’re going to call it lips, it demands to be kissed.

This kiss method is the process of kissing the ass.  It involves a deep tongue dive followed immediately by a smooch.  It doesn’t count unless it makes the “smooch” sound.  Or you can try kissing the sides of the cakes between eating.  The skin around the ass is actually as sensitive, to some, as the ass hole itself.  Eating doesn’t have to be such a linear experience, detour on the cakes, take a rest stop on the crack, or take that left turn at those dimples where the ass meets the back muscles.  Paint your whole workspace with your tongue and wait for the moans—they will inevitably cum.

The chewer

Teeth have few places in the bedroom: nipples (maybe), nibbles during kisses (try it and see), ass eating (huh?)  Try this.  There is a time in the juicing process when the ass is supple and it puckers.  You, the eater, have massaged the anal muscles until not only is it soft, but it winks at you.  Once the ass is winking, try sucking the booty hole until you can cup it gently between your teeth and chew.  Don’t close your teeth completely, just massage the upper and lower of the anus with your teeth as your sucking with your mouth.  The pressure offers the person getting eaten a sensation much like when your dick reaches the back of a deep throat.

The blower

When eating ass, warm and cool sensations are especially welcomed.  Not be confused with warming or cooling lubes, the natural warming and cooling of the mouth does just fine.  When eating, take a break and blow on the ass, then eat, then blow again.  The cool air mixed with your warm tongue make for a longer-lasting, intense sensation.

The tongue fuck

A tongue offers an ass the same feelings of raw sex without many of the risks and pain/pleasure combination.  When you tongue fuck, its like sticking a perfectly shaped member into an ass that is just big enough to feel magnificent, but not nearly long enough to have to do the “go slow” dance.  It’s all the pleasures of a well-lubed dick without many of the pains and considerations.



  1. Like Xersex says, "Very Interesting." A good bottom would get prepared for that.
    Bottoms WASH THE CRACK OF YOUR ASS ! Ain't nothing comng near that thing if you don't WASH THE CRACK OF YOUR ASS ! There's an old Red Fox album call "You Gotta Wash Your Ass." Do you see an underlining theme going on here ? Hmmmm !

    The Male Casting Couch

  2. I'd love a guy who would use those ass eating techniques on me. It sounds really good but when I want a guy to ass eat me really well, it'll feel even better.

  3. Yaaay finally someone has a recipe that I cook often... I do this to any muscular bubble butted guy from the gym that hits my wavelength...



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