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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I was recently reading an old blog on a gossip website, and one of the old trending topics was men dick size and condoms. Most of the respondents were women, talking about how they've had small to average size men wearing Magnum condoms. I know that a lot of men are very delusional about their dick size and others just simply lie about it. There is nothing funnier than a 6.5” inch dude telling you that he is rocking a 9”dick. For the record, I have no problem with small to average size dudes.

Questions for the tops: Which condom brand are you rocking in your pockets? If Magnums, why use them? Also being truthful, can you physically fill out a Magnum or is it for ego or is it a preference?

For the bottoms: Have you ever experienced a small to average size dude insisting on using a Magnum, when you know good and well he isn't divinely blessed? What do/did you do? How did you deal with a baggy condom situation? 

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