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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I've been meaning to blog about this web-series for some time now and I figure NO time like the present.

FREEFALL is doing well and needs the help and support of our community for a season 2! The Atlanta-based series FREEFALL was created by award-winning filmmaker Lamont Pierré and produced by Band of Artists. Think… quality production… meets dramatic story-line…. meets ATL eye candy, what else could you possibly as for?

FREEFALL chronicles the lives of roommates Xavier (Shamon Glapsy)Cameron (Jody Fulton), and Nico (DeAndre Lemans) as they navigate a complicated living situation. For these guys, their lives are enhanced, not defined by their sexuality. One by one the friends are pulled into the dark side of Atlanta life and must fight to stay afloat and keep their personal relationships from taking them under — before the streets do.

So get into the FREEFALL midseason trailer and catch up on episodes 1-6 ASAP!

Follow FREEFALL on Facebook and Twitter + Subscribe to their YouTube Channel for new episodes and updates. To donate to the FREEFALL Series Click Here… Enjoy!

Additional Cast Includes: Chad (Jovanni Colon)Tony (Alonzo Fri’zon)Oliver (J.Troy Richardson), and Ray (Toni Bernard).

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