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Monday, August 5, 2013


Most people know the term: Drag queen. There may be some feeling, belief, or opinion that goes along with the connotation, whether positive or negative. For many, “drag queen” describes a man who dresses up as a woman, perhaps in a flamboyant or performative way. But it that really the end of the story?
Not according to Vicky Vox and Raja Gemini, two Los Angeles-based drag queens who make it their business to ensure the community is properly repped. In this episode of “Subcultures,” Soulpancake goes behind the scenes to flesh out the drag community, not just as an alternative lifestyle but also as a healing path that many, like Vicky and Raja, are transformed by.

As Vicky and Raja allude to, there is so much more to drag than meets the eye. Here are 3 amazing facts about drag that you might not have known:
1.   Drag has been around since ancient times, when women were barred from acting on stage and men played both male and female roles.
2.   The term “drag” is believed to come from 19th century theater slang, describing the long skirts male actors wore when playing female roles.
3.   The first openly gay person to ever run for public office was also a drag queen, named José Sarria.
Do you like the art of drag? How often do you go to drag shows?



  1. hmmm.. well, when I was in my very early teens, I went through my "Bob Mackie" period where I sketched evening gowns and grand staircases (as theater sets) and occasionally draped myself in old bedsheets to simulate my designs. My father caught me once and made a quick end of all that. He handed me my unused baseball mitt and sent me outside to play catch with myself ☺☺☺. It was never discussed again, but the jig being up, I threw myself into watching old movies showcasing 17th to mid-20th century costuming.

    Do I like "Drag"? - I didn't ALLOW myself to like it until the advent of RuPaul's Drag Race and yeah, I LOVE it. All the glitter and costumes do make me a bit giddy and I live for the runway segment - same thing with the Project of the same name. It's all good now since being one of 'those' people, aren't I supposed to get off on this?

    One thing I don't like about the lifestyle is all the SHADE that gets tossed around. Sometimes funny, but more often than not, it's really fking cruel and inhumane. Camping it up is one thing, but going for the jugular is not what I would call sisterly.

    BTW, I've never been to a drag show but it is somewhere on my bucket list.

    1. I MUST take you to a drag show sir!

  2. Some drag are a fabulous form of art.... creative and glam. Raja Gemini is one of them! I remember her performance from RuPaul on tv

    1. you are right drag is a very creative form of art

  3. Drag Queens were on the forefront of gay liberation. They set off Stonewall! Love them or fear them, you have to give them their due. They earned it. That said, I rarely go to a drag show, if I do, I tend to over-tip, because I feel sorry for some of them (is that bad)?? Very few are up to my standards of performance. Still... quiet please, there's a lady on stage... - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. they get my respect and appreciation, no I don't think that's bad, you are coming a good place.



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