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Thursday, May 5, 2022


Taking nudes is not something to be taken lightly. It’s part art form, part strategic endeavor, and all pep talk. Who knew there was so much to a naked pic?

But, all jokes aside, nudes are about a lot more than raking in the desirability points. Nudes can be an empowering act of rebellion. Nudes have a deeper role than fulfilling desires or sating large egos. It’s pretty much a radical act these days, as is reclaiming anything society deems unacceptable or has stolen.

With speedy cloud networks making it easy to name and shame the faces behind naked pics, reframing nudes as a normal thing for of-age folks to share is important. Even more so for marginalized people who cross over into vulnerable identities.

So this is my hot take: Yes, taking nudes is a radical act of defiance. No, it’s not just about being sexy. It’s about saying, “I am my own and no one else’s.” (OK, that’s pretty sexy.)

So tell me:

Are you seeing your body from your own POV?

Are you ready to really, really own your nudes?

Whose permission are you waiting for?

What makes YOU feel sexy?

Did you (digitally) protect yourself?

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