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Friday, May 27, 2022


This is a major move for the popular Netflix reality series!

Editor’s note: this post contains spoilers for the grand finale of Netflix’s The Circle season four.

The so-called “big boy with a big personality” has officially won the fourth season of Netflix’s The Circle.

Frank Grimsley introduced himself as a 28-year-old school social worker from Maryland. Unlike other contestants who used catfish profiles to compete on The Circle, Grimsley played the game as himself.

From the very beginning, it came as no surprise that the other players loved Grimsley’s infectious charisma and connected with his personality. He had a strong start in season four by being ranked in first place in episode one. Grimsley then finished off the competition strong by once again getting first place in the ranking that took place in episode 10.

Every American season of The Circle on Netflix has featured LGBTQ+ finalists, but none of them had managed to win the show thus far. Now, Grimsley has broken the mold by winning The Circle season four and taking home the largest-ever grand prize in the history of the series: $150,000.

At the grand finale, Grimsley ultimately outranked runner-up Trevor St. Agathe – husband of The Circle season two winner DeLeesa St. Agathe – as well as Yu Ling Wu (third place), Rachel Evans (fourth place), and Eversen Bevelle (fifth place). Notoriously, this season featured the Spice Girls band members Mel B and Emma Bunton as contestants.

Previous LGBTQ+ finalists who came very close to winning The Circle include season one’s Chris Sapphire and Sammie Cimarelli, season two’s Courtney Revolution and Lee Swift, and season three’s Sophia Layne and Matthew Pappadia. However, none of them were able to actually win the show.

Now, Grimsley will forever be remembered as the first-ever LGBTQ+ winner of the American edition of The Circle, which has been a hit reality show for Netflix.

The Circle season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.


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