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Wednesday, May 11, 2022


As with everything you do in your day-to-day life, the way you masturbate is very telling. Never thought about it? Well, we do not blame you because when you wanna rub one out, who has time to think of the whole “what does it mean that I can only jerk off in the dark?” Yeah, not many dive into their masturbatory ways, but we are about to. So take a break from touching your nether regions and find out what your style says about you.


Obviously, you don’t like to be left in the dark. Whether it’s at work or with friends, you hate to be left out of the conversation. You get insanely upset at the idea of a group text existing without you in it and are always online keeping up to date with the happenings of those around you. You’re also a fan of yourself and like to see the masturbation process because of it. Some may say that’s well, cocky - but it’s really about being all about that self-love.


On the other end of the spectrum are those that touch themselves with little to no light. People who are more comfortable sexually pleasing themselves with minimal light aren’t necessarily the most comfortable with themselves. This could be because of a range of things, but the bottom line is that people who jerk it in the dark aren’t just uncomfortable with their own body, but their all-around lives. Some may say these people are mysterious, but really...they just don’t have the confidence to be outright with who they are with people.


Needing to be completely alone in the house to masturbate stems from having a history of such. Whether it was because you came up in a very conservative home, or had a lot of family members - masturbating was hard to come by. So as an adult, there is a comfort rooted in being absolutely alone when it comes to the act. It shows you’re a creature of habit and don’t like to shake up the routine. You seek comfort more than a wild adventure.


While some like to have solitude, there are those who love an audience. Not to say they’re doing it in front of someone - but rather, they don’t mind if someone in the other room knows what they’re doing. That showcases a level of confidence in their sexual prowess, and therefore in other aspects of their lives.


Those who like to have their partner in the room, by their side have a constant need for connection. That’s pretty obvious. What’s also obvious is that they tend to never make a decision without having someone validate them.


With the internet right in the palm of our hands, those who turn to the pages of old-school magazines are the type of people who love tradition and also nostalgia. They’re those who relish in visiting their hometown and would be happy to return to the glory days of their college years.


Who here hasn’t looked up some thirsty ass thot online and used that to do what they have to do? It’s pretty common, but for the people who rely solely on social media, those people have a mind that doesn’t like to settle. It’s always going a mile a minute. This is why social media is their thing when it comes to masturbating. They can quickly scroll through a ton of thirst traps in mere minutes without having to rely on perhaps one or two regular old porn videos.


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