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Friday, May 20, 2022

❣️ ¿CAN YOU TELL? ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿฝ

My aim is to write to inspire, help, and share with you what I’ve learned and experienced.

And, in doing so, saying that you are not alone.

I’ve also come to the realization that I cannot always be full of cheer as life is full of ups and downs. Recently more downs than ups, and right now, this is what I’m kind of feeling: lacking motivation, bored out of my mind, and feeling like I’m slowly dying inside, or is it just me?

Feeling numb, tired, having days where I can sleep forever, and having days where I can’t sleep at all. The days are beginning to blur into one, and I’m not sure if I can tell what day it is anymore—“It’s Monday, I think.”

In the beginning, lockdown was exciting: working from home, drinking endless coffee, eating and snacking as much as I like at my make-do desk (the bed or sofa), having the freedom of sitting in my pj’s all day, and, of course, I still do. What’s not to like about that?

On the rare occasion, I make myself presentable, which means making an effort to get dressed into anything other than what’s considered to be loungewear, and this can be seen as a significant event. For one, I get to feel like a human being again instead of just being in a constant slumber. But don’t get too excited, I’m only making myself presentable to go to the Supermarket as the only hobby I have in what we call “modern times” is to see what next meal I can conjure up, becoming an expert of what we call fine wines, and before I forget, my all-time favourite new pastime: walking.

On the upside, every day feels like a holiday: a working holiday. A working from home holiday. The benefits of living in the Bahamas is that we have some breathtaking views and walking routes that relaxes the mind.

Yes, it does feel like I’m going crazy. Although, they say it’s okay to talk to yourself. Signs of madness is when you answer yourself. I don’t think I’m quite there yet, or am I? Can you tell?

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