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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Tuesday, May 17, 2022


When you let yourself be human, you know that you are worth fighting for. You know that you don’t have to be defined by the mistakes you made but by how you recover from them. You know that love is not a prize to be won and that everyone is deserving of it. You know that you can harbor guilt toward the past and anxiety toward the future—that will not change them.

When adversity strikes, you do not have to fall. You can choose to own your story and your struggle. You can decide that life is worth living, and you are worth loving. You can make a new ending toward your path. You can recognize an ending as a beginning, no matter how hard. And most of all, you can sit with your feelings, with your problems, with your pain, and not feel inadequate. After all, this is your story.

What you leave behind in this world is a legacy of love. What you do in love, you will be remembered by. You will know truth not by what you’re feeling—as feelings can be deceiving—but by what you decide.

You must decide, “I will stay here. I matter.” And not let yourself believe your mind’s lies.

Lastly, when you are struggling to survive, know that there is hope for you. And one day, you can share hope with others who long to be like you, who look up to you.

Because everything you do matters. You were meant to be here, whether or not you always feel like it.

When you love yourself, you are letting the world know you are not the one who stops. You can love yourself into the light you are. A light that will shine for others. A light that can pave a way. A light that you can feel, even when in the dark, because it is within you.

You can show the world that light.

Every obstacle is an opportunity to do just that. Take your strife in stride. And remember, you are meant to be who you are. Your uniqueness, your differences from others—may be staples of genius.

All that matters is that you tell yourself you are worth fighting for. When you do, others are reminded to view you that way. They are reminded to view that about themselves, too.

They are only able to express so much, so you may not always hear the right words you crave to accept self-love. But what you can do is give back. Giving is partially receiving love, but that’s not the reason we do it. You don’t owe anyone your time or energy. You only owe yourself the chance to figure out what all you can be.

That takes time. That takes diligence. That takes strength. That takes everything in you.

Most of all, it takes love. Love will lead you, so let it.

You never know where you may end up.

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