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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Learning how to have frottage or bump and grind is a perfect way to add a new dimension of pleasure to your sexual arsenal. You may not be into penetration, but you can make a hot and heavy session of foreplay even hotter. When you learn how to have frottage, you can make a pleasurable moment even that much better.

Turn Him On
You cannot just jump on him and start humping like a jack rabbit. That happened to me and it was uncomfortable. While you can start humping and get off, it is better to stimulate him first. Foreplay is important. Kiss his neck and ears. Caress his chest, and rub your hands all over his body. You can rub your hands over his clothes to get him warmed up and then under to take him to the next level.

Take Your Clothes Off
You are about to rub bodies, so getting entirely naked makes the experience sensual. Being able to feel your partner heightens your arousal. Your body is covered in nerve endings that respond to stimulation. Enjoy a full body arousal that you may have never thought was possible. And if you are worried about your size, don’t even go there. Men with more meat on their body produces more heat which add to the experience. Chubby men are often sought out for frottage due to the pleasure received from the weight and heat.

Get Into Position
Before you star your erotic dance, be sure to use lubrication. Baby or Massage Oil allows for a smooth and sensual glide while enhancing the experience with an intoxicating aroma. Ono Lemon Grass Massage Oil is perfect for frottage with its silky feel. Rub the oil on your chest, stomach and legs. Do the same for your partner. Take your time and enjoy the feel of his body. Kiss passionately and place your genitals on top of him.

Wind For Me
When you rub bodies, go slow. You want to roll your pelvis between the center of his legs. Be sure to take your time and communicate your pleasure. If he’s too heavy simply position your body between his legs [missionary style] while supporting your weight in the push up position.

Work on stimulating him before you get yourself off. The easiest method for gaining an orgasm is to place your dick between his lubricated legs and pump between them. Be sure to stimulate and excite him. You want to focus on stimulating by grinding on his penis. Ask him if you are in a position that gets him off. Roll your pelvis in between his legs in slow rhythmic manner. Look at him for signs of pleasure. Once you have made contact with his spot, he’ll reach orgasm shortly. He may begin to hold on to you more tightly or could thrust along with you. As the excitement builds, increase your speed. At the moment of orgasm, hold him tight to experience the mutual exchange of energy. It will be intense. You can continue to his him softly on the neck while you recover.

The Feeling is Amazing
After experiencing frottage, clean up your partner. You could even take a sensual shower together. The options are endless. I bet you didn’t know that non penetrative sex could feel so good. With a generous amount of massage oil, you can have an intense sexual experience without intercourse.


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