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Monday, November 10, 2014


One of your friends has been dating a guy for a long time. You have gone to dinner with them, been to their apartment, hung out at the bar with them, etc…

Fast forward a couple years. You have lost touch with these friends. One day you are walking down the street and you run into your friend’s boyfriend. He gives you a big hug and you ask how your friend is doing.

He tells you they broke up a couple years ago blah blah blah. You two get to talking over some coffee and really hit it off. You make your move and ask if he’s like to meet up for a drink and maybe some dinner this week. He says he’d love to.

Has the dating code been broken? Dating code? You know, the one that says you shouldn’t date a friend’s ex-boyfriend.

If you hang out with these people on a weekly basis and are flirting with the boyfriend through text, email, chat and cause them to breakup then yes, the code has been broken. If you are close with them and you start dating the ex then yes, the code has been broken but if you haven’t talked to either of them in so long then no code has been broken. You are free to date who you want.

Most guys tend to look at past boyfriends as possessions. I recently say a guy I use to date with an old friend of mine. Before I went up and said hello I looked at them and thought what a great couple. Good for them. Be happy when people find each other!


  1. Been there...done code was broken since it was almost similar to the story presented.

  2. Me personally to see my estrange friend [even thought I might have been YRS] I would sorta feel salty about this friend dating my ex. Because to me, that gives the impression that this friend could have possibly had eyes ON my boyfriend [who isn't yet my ex] from the start while we were still together. I mean I probably would not care about HIM [the Ex] per say [I'm sure I would be over him by now] but still at some point you WERE my friend, were you hoping to knock BOOTS with my man all this time? That would bother me.

    1. yeah it is one of those things that depends on where everyone is emotionally



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