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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


When it comes to cum swallowing, I’m very picky ! (lol) I mean for me, sex is not only physical, but also mental. I need to be fully aroused and captivated by you to swallow your cum and this means that I need to be not only physically attracted to the guy but the sex needs to be like I want it to be. If the guy has a gorgeous body and face but acts in a way that I don’t like, I will not want to even touch his cum, funny eh? The same guy with very manly manners and with whom the sexual connection is perfect, could splash his load on my face, mouth or anywhere he wants and have me swallow it to the last drop.

But there is always a danger in cum swallowing though. One of my friends got infected with HIV doing oral sex. He doesn’t practice anal sex, so that’s why he knows he got infected by sucking dicks. I guess he went too hard or too deep and got small sores …. so you need to be careful dudes! Some do BJs with condom to be safe…but personally I’m not crazy about it.

So you had my opinion on cum swallowing, now I want yours. Tell me if for you cum swallowing is cool or if it’s not your cup of tea. Do you like to swallow or have someone to swallow you, or both? 


  1. I have swallowed another man's cum just once. I still remember him. His amazing body and legs. Imagine a "basketball player" type of man. We were so excited, I was so horny and hot. I just wanted to make him cumming, so I did "my job" until the end. I thought it for a few seconds and decided to swallow his cum. I have swallowed my own semen several times and I enjoy to lick my pre-cum. I like it very much!

    1. it can be a sweet experience if the guy drinks apple or pineapple juice

  2. Is cum swallowing cool with me? It's REQUIRED, ha. It's a rush when sucking, because it's like you know something waiting for you at the end. Its so freaky and erotic. Luckily for me I've only swallow my boyfriend [and he swallows me], I've only been sexual with him because I was a virgin...luckily, because if I was single right now..I honestly couldn't see myself never NOT swallowing a guy. Kinda have a cum fetish...okay not kinda, I definitely do



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