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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


In 2014 a host of NSFW pics and links exposed a few persons. These pics were either released by jilted ex-girlfriends, mistresses or just because the male celeb wanted some publicity. What followed of course were comments about their, um…members. Regardless if it was the old pics or the new pics, viewing the comments on social media and message boards were pretty much the same. The adverse comments from gay men ranged from “Is that it?” to “I thought it would be bigger.” All the while I’m viewing these same pics and I’m thinking to myself, “These dudes look fine to me. What am I missing?”

What really shocked me were some of comments around the latest NSFW pics of David McIntosh. I’m a HUGE fan of David McIntosh and I thought he looked fantastic…package and all. Yet there were some (not a lot) of the same comments from gay men that I have seen before expressing disappointment and meh concerning dude’s package.

Being that many gay men grumble about how hard it is to find dates and find love, why add additional superficial layers and limitations to your prospects?

Makes me wonder when it comes dick size, how big is big enough?


  1. My thing is there's a major difference between a big dick and GOOD dick. To the "size queens" that 5-8 in isn't good enough...I'm gonna assume they have no walls, lol. Gay men get too caught up in size and then may not be able to HANDLE a big dick anyways. David looks pretty endowed to ME though, but yeah I've seen comments that even THAT wasn't good enough. SERIOUSLY?!



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