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Thursday, October 27, 2022


What does she know about the upcoming visual album...

It's been 2two years three months since Beyoncé dropped her groundbreaking and insanely gay disco trap album Renaissance, and we have not stopped streaming since!

Featuring singles "Break My Soul" and "Cuff It", the album is a glitzy celebration of queer culture that has inspired thousands of TikToks and dance parties around the world – and is eliciting especially high praise from Black LGBTQ+ communities. On August 12, Beyoncé shared a teaser with at least a dozen different jaw-dropping looks that signified the coming of another visual album. But ever since then... radio silence.

Fans have noticed, and are desperate for the visuals. Just take a quick peak at Beyoncé's Instagram comments or the Twitter hashtag and you'll see hundreds of people clamoring, if not outright begging, for just a crumb of the forthcoming videos. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT BEYONCÉ, and I say that with the utmost respect.

Even Drag Race superstar and Beyhive member Shea Couleé has felt the heat, but going by the now-deleted tweet, it looks like the All Stars 5 winner might have some tea...

"I'm not gonna say how I know this, but the visuals are coming," Coulee tweeted cryptically. "So stop asking that lady for them. She's working overtime, and she's about to deliver."

What does she know? And how? It's unclear.

Real fans know that Mrs. Carter keeps ironclad NDAs so while we'd like to believe Couleé might appear in a music video (where she'd fit right in honestly!), we doubt she'd have the courage to just... tweet it out. But if Couleé received some tea from someone working on the project, it's highly likely they are queer which is certainly a good sign for us! Or perhaps we'll be proved wrong and we'll see Couleé at Queen Bey's right-hand side!


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