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Monday, October 19, 2015


As gay men we often complain about the discrimination we face at the hands of society.

Our complaints are obviously justified. There is no doubt that the conditions gay men face are bad. We are physically attacked, emotionally abused and treated in every way as second-class citizens.

As a gay man I want to demand equal status. Just because I have a different sexual orientation, that does not make me an alien. I am an equal human being made of bones and blood just the same as all the straight people. No one can deny my human rights.

But for the most part we remain in the closet. Fortunately social media has provided us a platform to speak, to make friends and meet potential dates, making our closets slightly more bearable.
And it was while I was on social media recently that a question came in my mind. All these gays always complain about discrimination happening to them but how liberal are they themselves?

On social media you will find that ‘tops’ present themselves as superior to ‘bottoms.’ Why is this so? Is a top pretending to be worthier than a bottom any less a form of discrimination than a straight person imagining themselves better than a lesbian, bisexual or gay one?

When I was young and realized I am a gay, I also realized very quickly that in the eyes of society, the worst thing on earth is to get fucked. Society views people who get penetrated as inherently inferior to those who penetrate. The man who gets fucked is the cheapest person in the world and has virtues straight from hell.
I often laugh reading online status descriptions: ‘pure top’ or ‘pure bottom.’ I wonder how much time it really takes to change a bottom gay into top and top into bottom.

To my mind every gay man is basically bottom. He wants a dick in his hand, mouth and quite probably ass. The concept of a ‘pure top gay’ is a myth. So why is it that top gays so often look at bottoms as merely a thing to use for their pleasure and why do bottom gay men in India so often feel more insecure in a relationship?

If we as gay men want equal status in society, we first must stop this kind of mentality. Otherwise shouting for gay rights or taking part in any number of LGBTI Pride parades is of no worth.

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  1. Why do tops think they are better than bottoms? Well, because so many bottoms like to get slapped around, spit on and called all kinds of sluts during sex.

    I cannot begin to tell you how many "sluts" wanted me to "use" their "holes."

    There were even times when guys wanted to literally be taken by force. And yes I mean raped.

    I love passionate sex . I can even be assertive when its good, but some of the request these bottoms are asking for is ridiculous and even dangerous.

    We need to turn off the computers, throw out the DVDs and get rid of all the porn that degrades men who receive because people are really buying into this crap in real life. Its a bad attitude on both parts.

    Nothing is hotter than seeing a guy go deep and hard on another guy. But the degrading dialog and often even physical violence is out of control.

    And another thing. This is going to be controversial but I DON'T CARE....

    Stop with all the barebacking! I am sick of all these BB movies of guys with no respect for their bodies or for the other's safety, barebacking like theirs no such thing as consequences.

    I'm in no way saying that everyone who bare backs is disrespectful to their bodies and to other's bodies. I'm talking about those that somehow think 10, 20,30 loads isn't enough.

    People take prep and other drugs that supposedly protect from the HIV virus. But that shouldn't be a license to be the person you see in these videos.

    The Male Casting Couch



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