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Friday, June 7, 2013


"This is our calling, our only instruction, in this day and time. It can only be ignored at the expense of our final destruction. There is no alternative. There is no compromise. There is no defeat. We must win or we will cease to exist as a people."

Mwalimu Baruti

IWA: A Warrior's Character


The Internship and The Purge will enter the market this weekend in an effort to dethrone Fast & Furious 6 as the top film at the box office. Will either succeed? Don't care really, I will go and see Will & Jaden Smith's After Earth. 

The Internship


- Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have a strong box office history together.
- Marketing has been ever-present, including a high volume of free early screenings.
- With audiences generally disappointed in The Hangover Part III, this could stand to gain some interest from those seeking a comedy.


- Vaughn's and Wilson's last big hit was eight years ago with Wedding Crashers. In recent years Vaughn has headlined several box office disappointments.
This Is the End, opening five days later, has been the recipient of stronger buzz. Could it further soften demand for this?

The Purge


- Social network activity has been extraordinarily strong with Twitter delivering an impressive volume of conversation this week.
- Audiences may be looking for something outside the realm of big blockbuster pics after a month crammed full of them.
- Early buzz for the film has been quite positive relative to its genre.


- The concept could skew strongly toward males and the Internet crowd.
- With the market dropping sharply last week and the strong-selling Man of Steel around the corner, will audiences head to the theater this weekend or save their cash for summer's next slew of high profile titles?


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