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Friday, April 10, 2015


As we continue to grapple with the impact of HIV among gay men, we must will the courage to ask the kinds of questions that will reverse the path we have been bound to. One such question is: In what ways have we as gay men been failed by AIDS service organizations (ASOs)?

The failure of AIDS service organizations to effectively care for us is by no means singular. Just about every institution, agent of the criminal justice system and representative of the health care system has failed in many ways.

Social marketing campaigns must resist merely plastering messages like "take a test," "take a pill" or "take PrEP" on billboards, palm cards and T-shirts. They must resist using language and words as if following a checklist of things to say. They need to go beyond mere social marketing and move toward creating meaning for black gay men. As black gay men, we need nothing short of a language of resilience.

We need messages that can transcend time and space. This also calls for engagement with art and culture. We need visual communication that isn't limited to appealing to narrow and superficial pleasures, like beer commercials, but also to messages and symbols that uplift us, stir us, and build power.

Mobilizing and engaging gay men has to be rooted in art and culture. Anyone working on behalf of gay men should know films like "Tongues Untied" and figures like the poet and activist EssexHemphill. Taken together, these approaches can be the starting point for a new lens in how we change direction, shift, and think more expansively.


  1. It is not just the coloured men who need help. Here in Australia it is the younger men who are becoming infected with HIV. They seem to think that the medication available today will keep them alive. While this might be true, many HIV AIDS sufferers still have a lot of sickness. Trust your weekend is a happy one! Thanks for your visits and comments. I try to have some coloured men and/or Asians in each post. Hugs, Patrick

    1. I don't care what kind of medication out there, I do NOT want to get his disease



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