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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Oh the many faces of the versatile. Verse bottom, verse top, and the fully capable verse.

With the ratio of tops outweighing that of bottoms, and in some areas the quality of bottoms becoming ever depressing, in a last ditch effort to latch onto someone, more and more gay men are willing to experiment with being versatile and the results less than stellar.

The problem? These men aren't really versatile!

In the past I've ran into numerous men who claimed to have been versatile, and when it was time to make love, they were on all fours with an arch so deep, even I was confused. Was I supposed to top him first and then he would reciprocate? Maybe he just wants his ass eaten before we get down to business.

If you've been fucked more times than you've fucked, and if you don't find yourself flip-fucking on a regular, than you're either a bottom or a verse bottom. Don't be so desperate to find companionship, that you go against your sexual preference, embarrass yourself and end up fucking up someone else's nut.
I believe we all have the ability to be versatile, it's just a matter of how turned on we are, and how great the sexual chemistry is between two people. A top being fucked for the first time, may not want to try being verse with someone packing 10-inches of ding dong. On the flip-side, a bottom fucking for the first time might not want to top a power bottom.

You also have those men who have a problem with being labeled a "bottom" because it is often associated with femininity, an act of being submissive. So although they may be a bottom, it makes them feel more masculine to say they are verse. It can be compared to a man who hasn't had sex with a woman in twenty years, has lost all interest in women and can't even bring himself to be turned on by one, claiming to be bisexual.

Then you have the guy who claims to be versatile, but has a laundry list of ways a man should look and act in order for them to top them. So throw that grocery list in the trash along with your versatile routine, because you're clearly an opportunist, and not a true versatile.

The same goes for those tops. Don't be so desperate to fuck every man that looks good. Fuck around and have me cleaning up the unthinkable because you don't know how to prepare yourself properly before anal sex. Hell fuck no!

Soon as you put the dick in they've ran out the room quicker than Usain Bolt! Can't even get a good stroke going because you have to constantly reposition their ass because they're squirming all over the bed, screaming at the top of their lungs, busting out your eardrums, windows, setting off car alarms and waking up the entire neighborhood like you're murdering their ass.

There just shouldn't be this much drama involved when it comes to trying to bust a nut. 


  1. This is a DILEMMA for me as well Even though I am a top, and have not flipped in 30 years I know the feeling of being penetrated, and the joy of penetrating. Problem is a lack of a worth man who knows how to get the and stay. I am not offering that part of myself to a who not proven he will be there tomorrow & every day going forward. You will not hit & run with this azz, and I'm not easy or cheap but to get this will cost nothing except the furthest reaches of your heart offered to me & only me. A good man is hard to find and til he presents himself I will continue to sling dick til I find 1 man who is all bttm or fully verse which is what I aspire to be with the right man. Crumb bums keep it moving

  2. I've never had this problem! I have always enjoyed fucking and being fucked. I'm most probably a versatile bottom. But I've never been criticisied about my fucking!

    1. I've been on both ends and my motto is I will take as good as I give

  3. Amazingly true, I agree. We should all understand our positions, Learn and Stick to the lane.



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