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Monday, April 13, 2015


So I have this little dilemma. I am in a relationship where my partner, which I love very much, has this very annoying thing. Every time that I do something wrong he loves to rub it in my face, I don’t have a problem if he just does it once, but he actually does it for the remaining of the day and he brings it up every time he has a chance; is getting to the point that I have to tell him that I don’t want to talk to him anymore; the worst part is that he blames me for me getting upset, and to make matters even worst he begins his sarcastic routine of apologizing for everything; and when I say everything I mean it, the only thing he doesn’t apologize for is for the air I breathe; is very obnoxious.

An example of this happened the other day. He wants to record us having sex, which I strongly refuse to do it. Well he; and I don’t know how and for the same reasons I don’t want to be film having sex; found a video of me having sex with a guy before I meet him; PS a video recording I didn’t authorized, and a whole different thing that I will have to take care of; now he is insinuating that I have lied to him and that I like/don’t mind being recorded; which I do mind I don’t want something like that going around the internet, which I have explain that to him plenty.

To make matters worse there some things that were done that night which I don’t have recollection doing. So like always, when he finds out about something he starts by asking me about doing things like that together, which I tell him I don’t like to do that kind of things and that I will never do things like that unless I am heavily intoxicated, ’cause let’s be honest I am interested on a few kinky things but I wouldn’t do them ’cause I’m too much of a prude. So, when he shows me the video I was shock of course. Number one I didn’t knew that person recorded what we did that night, number two and even worse I don’t remember doing those things, which brings me to number three I think he gave me something that night?!?. The most interesting part of this whole story is that the person you love the most is the one that hurts you the most. After going thru his computer I found that he actually went thru my phone, laptop and emails and got a bunch of compromising pictures of myself, and when I went to delete one of them he got defensive and told me to move that he will delete it. I had already seen some of these pictures on his PC and had deleted them.

When I moved I told him that the reason why he didn’t let me deleted myself was because he had something to hide, which post this incident I saw that he had about 2030 compromising pictures of me. And then he goes to say “I told my friend who send me the video that if he goes to that guys house to destroy it. Isn’t that a nice thing I did for you?” which that kinda almost make me snap and tell him “the only reason this is surfacing is because of you, you are on this crusade of digging things from my past”, which makes me think that he is trying things to sabotage the relationship and trying to make me call it quits. I guess he is not longer happy with me nor wants to be in this relationship…

Is that my imagination going wild? Should I let it go? Or do I have a reason to be upset?

Has this ever happen to you? 

What are your thoughts?

What advice would you give this person?


  1. I posted this to another group that I manage on Facebook and here are some of the responses:

    1) Let him go he doesn't respect you at all and for that alone he doesn't deserve your love. Do not waste any more of your time. If he wants out,let him go. Remember to love yourself more.

    2) Follow your heart and make clear decisions

    3) What a mess! This seems incredibly unhealthy. I would have to. ensure both the video and photos are deleted, cut ties and move on.

    4) If someone that you love and who said they love you cannot see that their actions is hurtful and painful and therefore wants to stop then that person does not considering your emotionally health or your sense of happiness and therefore should not be given the opportunity to continue to tramatize your life. Someone who loves and respect you,truly loves and respect you will never contiune to do these malicious deeds and would more seek to shield and protect you from situations like this not escalate them. Making certain all those pics are out of his grasp then pick up and take yourself to healing yourself of this disjustice. .that is one scenario, the other way I am thinking is that there is something seriously wrong with your partner mentally or emotionally that he needs help with..maybe it could be that this is how he knows how to show love because that is what is was taught that love is...warped as it sounds this could what he believe showing love is..that would mean you need to have a conversation about childhood and what love means to him and how he was shown love while growing up..shrink time after that..thirdly that mofo is just a twisted soul that you don't need to waste anymore time with . He is beyond your scope of what to do to help me see his destructive advise take your shit and run.

  2. The best thing you can do for yourself is to let him go.. he mean you mo good..I'm just saying.. follow your first mind it will never mislead you.



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