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Monday, March 13, 2023


The Drag Race fever-dream continues – Season 15 is (finally) getting towards the business-end of proceedings.

Are you ready for a recap?

This mini-challenge

It was a ballroom vogue-off.

Putting to one side any discussion of appropriation and exploitation of ballroom culture, this was possibly one of the best mini-challenges we’ve seen in the history of the entire franchise.

It was funny, it was entertaining, and it showcased some great dancing from talented performers.

Anetra was declared the winner – which was fair enough – but it was the audience who won this time around.

The maxi-challenge

Stand-up comedy is always a tough ask in this format.

Everyone was in pairs, except Marcia who was working solo.

As the winner of the mini-challenge, Anetra got to decide the running order.

It’s a bit hard to make any objective comment on these performances, because obviously the way you edit them is crucial in the storytelling and how each performance is perceived.

Marcia: Good energy but there didn’t seem to be any jokes.

Luxx and Loosey: The energy was good and the “so white” jokes was a smart direction to take.

Anetra and Sasha: This felt like it had potential but just needed more jokes and tighter delivery.

Salina and Mistress: This was good storytelling but not really any jokes.

The Runway

This weeks category was Rip Her To Shreds.

Not the easiest category – tricky to come up with an original concept that also has runway impact.

Marcia: Marcia gave us a pageant queen who had been attacked by the runners-up. This was solid, but we have seen versions of this in various formats, so it didn’t feel hugely original.

Loosey: Loosey gave us Miss Havisham as a vampire queen. It met the assignment but I wasn’t excited by this.

Luxx: Proving, once again, that she is one of the most intelligent and well-studied queens to have tackled Drag Race, Luxx gave us a reinterpretation of a RuPaul look from the 80s. Absolutely smashed it. Luxx truly has cracked the code.

Sasha: Sasha gave us denim and diamonds. She looked stunning. This wasn’t hugely original but it met the assignment, was well-executed, and she looked gorgeous.

Anetra: Anetra looked great. Her inspiration for this look was the emergence of a lotus flower. I’m not sure I would have got that just by looking at the outfit, but I liked hearing her explanation. I love Anetra.

Salina: Salina looked gorgeous and I loved her inspiration for this look – it was a tribute to her mother who was a refugee from Mexico.

Mistress: Mistress looked put-together, as always. She was diamonds-are-a-girl’s-best-friend Marilyn, but distressed and singed by fire. It met the assignment but I didn’t understand why Marilyn had encountered a fire. It was probably the weakest storytelling on the runway.

The Judging

Safe were Mistress and Salina. I was glad that Salina was safe, it would have felt cruel to put her in the Bottom again. It seems fairly clear that we’re guiding Mistress through to the Top 4.


The winners were Luxx and Loosey. The win was well-deserved, but it feels a bit of an unsatisfying end to the “Loosey is desperate for a win” storyline that the production team has been building for weeks. Luss seems a certainty for Top 4, but I’m not sure where else that Loosey can go in this competition.

That left us with a Bottom 3 of Sasha, Marcia, and Anetra. Given what we saw of the performances, it made sense that Sasha was safe, giving us a Bottom 2 of Marcia and Anetra. Okay, I can follow that logic.

The Lip-sync

The song was Boss Bitch by Doja Cat.

This is not an easy track – it’s high-energy and powerful but there’s not a lot of levels and there are a lot of lyrics. A lot.

We know that Marcia is a good dancer, but this is obviously not her genre. Having said that, she did a good job. The outfit wasn’t helping her but she didn’t look lost, she delivered a respectable performance.

But let’s focus on Anetra. Anytime that Anetra takes to the stage, we’ve got – justifiably – very high expectations. Anetra did not disappoint. Sure, given how much we’ve seen Anetra lip-sync on this series, we’ve seen a lot of these moves so there’s not that shock value. But her level of performance is so exciting and engaging that it’s just a joy to watch her do her thing. I love Anetra.

Anetra stays, Marcia goes home.

Episode 11, done! 


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