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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The first pride event in the English-speaking Caribbean was cut short after death threats

The first gay pride event in the Bahamas was cut short after no locals showed up and the organizer received death threats.

The event started on Thursday (28 August) and was meant to run until Tuesday.

Organizer Victor Rollins told the Nassau Guardian that only 11 people other than the organizers attended the event, all of whom were foreigners. No one from the local gay community turned up, even the people who were to be honored at the event.

‘Everyone is scared,’ Rollins said. ‘No Bahamian from the LGBT community showed up.’

He said talk shows in particular had scared people away, claiming God would judge the Bahamas for allowing a pride event to take place.

Outspoken pastor Dr Myles Munroe released a six-page statement protesting the event and accusing organizers of hijacking the civil rights movement. He said 90% of Bahamians considered the event unacceptable and in violation of 'their collective convictions, moral standing and values.'

Rollins said he received death threats after he posted photos of attendees holding gay pride and Bahamian flags on a beach on Facebook.

‘I personally feel discriminated against in my own country that an event my company, Vic's Entertainment, legitimately organized with the resort and several ministries and notable organizations fell through because of people's misconceptions,' he said.

Bahamas Pride Freedom Weekend was the first gay pride event in the English-speaking Caribbean, the only region in the western hemisphere where gay sex is illegal. The Bahamas became the exception when it abolished its colonial sodomy law in 1991.

The event was held at a private resort in Freeport and would have included a beach party, pajama party, gay pride boat cruise and two drag pageants. 



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    1. you should hear the things people are saying about the event on talk radio here in the Bahamas, VERY sad.