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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The psychology of oppression is about the way that one culture or group of people dominates another. Colonization is a tool of oppression that works by continuously feeding the oppressed group the cultural values of the dominant group. This replaces the natural cultural identity of the oppressed group and leads them to identify themselves in relation to the dominant group: through a desire to be like the dominant group. The sinister and insidious aspect of this is that often the oppressed group never realizes that they have become something other than themselves. The oppressed become second-rate imitators of the very thing they oppose – and they do so willingly.

The other side of colonization is that the oppressors are fueled by the oppressed’s desire to be like them. The fact that the oppressed cannot be like them validates the oppressors supremacy. If ever this dichotomy seeks to rectify itself, the dominant group will construct pitfalls and obstacles within the system to prevent the oppressed from ever attaining an equal status. Why? Because domination is about supremacy and the only way to maintain supremacy is to be fundamentally different and “better” than those whom you oppress. In this way supremacy asserts itself as a natural order. The oppressed are not worthy of an equal status as the oppressors; they are not supreme.

Enter Capitalism.

America can be called a capitalist society. The belief in a free market enterprise driven by competition and offering opportunity is what the American Dream was built upon. However, in terms of psychology and social dynamics, capitalism has some fundamental issues. Capitalism makes the assertion that people are self-interested and happy/successful when they have an accumulation of material wealth. Combining this thought with what we know about colonization and we have the American dilemma. America has and does continue to feed to the oppressed masses in its society the concept of the American Dream: that anyone can accumulate material wealth and become happy. It is this yearning that drives the poor and oppressed groups in American society. The notion is willingly accepted by oppressed and their identities and sense of fulfillment is bound to this aspiration – and the oppressed are fundamentally changed because of this.

Enter the blacks.

Black people, as an oppressed group, are the best example of colonization. Never before have a people been so indoctrinated and bound to the brutality and humiliation of a country as Black people in America. The American Dream has been the generally longing of every black American since the ending of the Civil War. Blacks have longed for a seat at the welcome table and a chance to obtain those things to which the privileged white masses have access. The catch of colonization is that while the dominant group may be indoctrinating the oppressed with their values, they are not sharing the secrets to the attainment of their privilege. So what the oppressed people, blacks, have ascribed to is a watered down, superficial version of what they believe to be white privilege: wealth. Most blacks are so well colonized that their minds cannot conceive of money not being the answer. So, it becomes the throne at which we worship.

Enter the gays.