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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Thursday, May 30, 2013



I asked Ron if he was okay he said yes rather weekly which as HUGE change from a few weeks ago. You Ron asked me what it meant he wouldn't be hurt if his boyfriend was cheated on him even though he would end the relationship. I told him well that means you are not into him as you think you are or you are prepping yourself for something like this. I guess I should have told him then but, something stopped me. I suspected that he was going home to ask his boyfriend about what was told him but he said he went to work because he was still trying to digest the information.
So later that day he went home asked a few questions and his boyfriend told him oh I dated that guy but ended it and Ron took it as that. When I asked him how he took it, he said, ‘oh I didn't get into as our friend Owen said he doesn't remember exactly what he told me’. He admitted that he told me something but couldn't remember what, hmmmmmm…So I told Ron you know Owen is, he knew of someone that I dated that lied to me and what did he do? Stop hanging with us and admitted to knowing of the lies but he didn't want to cause problems. Now that is admirable, but I believe in living and loving in truth and he knew that. So I blew my top and told Ron that I was going to tell him boyfriend what the guy said about him and their ‘relationship’ he got scared and told his boyfriend. After getting the silent treatment from his boyfriend and myself for a few days, things seem to be normal, guess that’s all relative because here it is on my blog.
A week later was V-day and Ron’s sister decided to cook dinner for Noel, Ron, his boyfriend and myself. I noticed that Ron’s boyfriend was very short with me and giving me attitude, I just let it go after all it is V-day. As time went by and I would go to Ron’s apartment to pick up his sister to take her to college classes, I noticed that Ron’s boyfriend would be upstairs as to NOT to have any interaction with me, even Ron’s sister said she notices that as well. But hey no worries right, I am only the messenger, WRONG! It turns out that out of everyone that knew about his info I am the ONLY one Ron’s boyfriend is mad @, Ron said and I quote, ‘he has to come to talk to me’ and that blew me away because I didn't create this situation he did! He was ‘seeing’ this guy while dating Ron and you mad @ me, WTF? @ the end of the day my friendship with Ron and Owen wouldn't be the same and I wouldn't want it to be, I can’t have persons in my corner that leaves me out there to protect themselves @ my expense.

I told Ron that I wouldn't tell him anything in life again and that hurt because I know that his boyfriend did despite denying it because someone NOT connected to this situation came to me with another set of info about him. I felt so sad and hurt to hear the person tell me well it doesn't matter how much others he is ‘seeing’ his boyfriend won’t leave him. So if Ron is okay with pretending that things are things that is fine with me, I will continue to be me and treat him as any other human being, but he can never call me his best friend again. 


  1. Ouch, man. Sometimes being the righteous one sucks. It hurts even worse when a friendship that you value is severed because of something so petty... But at the very least, you kept it real without intentionally hurting anyone. Keep ya' head up; great post, btw.


    1. yeah being a real friend has consequences



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